Ramona Singer Is “Totally Embarrassed” By How She Treated Bethenny Frankel In The Berkshires

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Ramona Singer is getting on a lot of people’s nerves this season on Real Housewives of New York and the Berkshires trip did some irreversible damage – to Dorinda Medley‘s home and her relationship with Bethenny Frankel. Ramona refuses to take any responsibility for wrecking Dorinda’s Berkshires house, but surprisingly enough she is actually sorry about the way she treated Bethenny.

Either way, Ramona is way out of her league with both Dorinda and Bethenny against her at this point. She may be an OG of RHONY, but she’s not equipped to handle this by any means.

Before getting into her issues with Dorinda and Bethenny, Ramona inadvertently addressed her “interaction” with Tom D’Agostino while she was playing a game on Watch What Happens Live. The premise was innocuous enough with Ramona giving her opinions on the interior design of homes on RHONY, but then Ramona had a slip of the tongue when Tom’s apartment was shown.

Ramona said, “When I dated him I was there.” Ummm what? Ramona has always downplayed her time with Tom. She turned bright red, stumbled on her words, and then backtracked by saying, “I was there for the Christmas party. It’s a beautiful apartment.” Andy wasn’t really buying that though.

Several viewers asked Ramona about the damage to Dorinda’s house. She adamantly declared, “Actually I didn’t trash.”

Ramona insisted, “Production left up these really heavy lights – the size that you could see them in like a football field. Even they do lights in my house, they take them down and they strip off the paint. So some of the paint got stripped off. It upset her because her husband left her that home, but they did a whole brand new paint job.”

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Then she backtracked (again) and admitted, “I couldn’t sleep. It was three in the morning and I was tired. I couldn’t find the plug so I said, ‘let me take them down.’ That’s how you take them down: they’re taped up and you take them off.” So she did take them down. So it is her fault. No matter how you slice it, Ramona is the culprit. She either carelessly took down the lights or straight up trashed the room. Either way, she owes Dorinda an apology and a payment for the damages.

Even though Ramona has no regrets about ruining Dorinda’s walls, she does seem to feel bad about ruining her friendship with Bethenny. Or maybe she realizes how bad she looks in these episodes? Or she’s afraid of going against Bethenny? Either way, she’s bowing down to Queen B and owning it.

A viewer asked, “Looking back on the Berkshires, do you have any regret or remorse on how you treated Bethenny?” Ramona admitted, “Absolutely, I was totally embarrassed after I did what I did. I just lost it because I was really hurt. I should have just walked away. Instead I did the immature thing of lashing back and trying to hurt her. It was definitely very embarrassing and I wish I never did it.” I’m sure she does. Being on Bethenny’s bad side is a horrible place to be.

At this point, it looks like Ramona is going to have a lot to answer for at the reunion this year. Because, this is season is that boring so far that Ramona ruining a wall and one argument are top story lines. In my opinion, Dorinda’s wild rants against Sonja Morgan have been the most entertaining parts of the season, and thankfully it looks like we will blessed with another one next week.


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