Jill Zarin and Luann de Lesseps on WWHL

Another week, another Jill Zarin resurgence on Bravo. This woman is seriously everywhere all of a sudden. The thirst is real, but it’s certainly entertaining. From showing up on Real Housewives of New York (again) to appearing on Watch What Happens Live, the fandom got a double dose of Jill last night.

Yes, Luann de Lesseps was there too, but she didn’t say anything new. We get it: she loves Tom D’Agostino, they’re so happy, she found her soulmate, they’ve been through so much. It’s come to a point where I feel like I could do an interview on Luann’s behalf and answer all of the questions using the same phrases that she would. Obviously, that’s a sad thing for me. Clearly I read and watch way too much RHONY content, but whatever. You’re reading this, so on some level you must get me.

With that said, I’m going to skip past the customary Tom-related interrogation that Luann went through during the last Watch What Happens Live episode. If you care that much, just watch it… or any other episode she’s been on in the past year… or any other interview she’s done. It’s the same story over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I love Luann and her delusion, which comes off way meaner than I intend. I genuinely am entertained by the way that Luann sees the world. I just wish someone would ask her some different questions for once. And that’s why I’m here to focus on the Jill stuff.

Andy told Jill, “Ramona [Singer] said she thinks you’re desperate to be back on the show. What’s your response and what is the latest with where you guys are? Jill admitted, “I was very hurt because she knows – we’re still friendly with the same people – I had a really hard year with my husband Bobby [Zarin]. We were in Florida this winter dealing with a lot of medical issues.” Very much valid.

And then Jill went on a tangent about all the alleged opportunities she had to come back on the show: “So for her to say that, maybe at other times and opportunities for me to come back on the show, but this wasn’t it. She knew that. It just hurt me. It was a dig and it hurt me.” If Jill had an option to be back on the show, she would take it. There’s no way she has turned anything down. Come on.

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Nevertheless, the OG cast member revealed: “But I have to say, two weeks ago we ran into each other. Luann ran away. She gets up when she sees Ramona, goes the other way. Ramona sits in front of me, grabs me by the hands, and says, ‘We have to talk.’ And we did. You know what, I yelled and screamed at her. She heard me and we came to a peaceful place.” For 993839383th time. And I’m sure that peace isn’t going to last for long… especially given the things that Jill says during the rest of the episode.

In regard to Bethenny Frankel crying over Luann’s impending marriage in the Berkshires, Jill said, “I think there was a little bit of projection on herself. I think she was feeling her own pain.” Plus she made it a point to throw in “and loving to Luann – very loving.”

What did she think about Ramona’s explosion and rock star room trashing at Dorinda Medley’s Berkshires home? Jill described it as “disgusting” and said Ramona was “absolutely a pig.” So much for that “peaceful place,” Jill. When asked if Dorinda should invite the ladies back, Jill said, “Absolutely not. Never again. Not without insurance.” Not without insurance or a Bravo camera crew to film all the madness.

And of course Jill’s former BFF Bethenny was brought up (again). A caller asked, “If you could say one thing to Bethenny today what would you say?” Jill admitted, “I think I would say ‘I don’t even remember what it was about.’ I don’t even remember what we fought about. I really don’t. I would give her a hug and a kiss.” As if Bethenny is ever going to let that happen.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo