Below Deck Mediterranean Reunion – Virtual Viewing Party

We have officially reached the end of the road with Below Deck Mediterranean for another season! Tonight we get just one reunion episode to rehash things and let the cast give extended explanations regarding their behavior, their charter guests and the charter season overall.

Malia White, Wes Walton, and Adam Glick are given a chance to hash out their love triangle. Malia will cop to leading on both Wes and Adam, but tries to justify the why. She does reveal that she and Adam never had sex, although nobody is giving Andy a straight answer on exactly what they consider “sex”.

Captain Sandy admits that had she known Adam was blatantly ignore charter guest requests (Oniongate returns!), that she would’ve fired him on the spot. Adam does some apologizing for his behavior toward Sandy, Lauren, Hannah and others, but blames it all on his heartbroken state.


I’m sure we’ll get to hear them dish on charter guest flirtations (hello, Hannah and Bobby!), crew tensions and so much more!

Join us here in the comments to snark through the reunion at 9/8 C!

What do you hope to hear tonight? What do you wish we had seen more of this season? Do you hope the show will get another season with this crew?

Photo Credit: Bravo TV