Brandi Redmond Feels Like Stephanie Hollman Replaced Her With Cary Deuber; Not Having Stephanie In Her Life Made Her Marriage Stronger

Most of the viewers would have ever predicted the rift between Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond– well that is until previews for Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas were released. Nevertheless, based solely on Season 1, the feud is pretty shocking since they were true BFF’s.

Brandi was upset after reading one Stephanie’s Bravo blog posts that she felt slammed her marriage and refused to talk to Stephanie for months… until they started filming Season 2, of course. There’s no way to get out of that contractually obligated interaction, especially since this still a new show and all of these cast members are replaceable. They saw each other for the first time in a while during the Season 2 premiere episode and Brandi refused to open her mouth when Stephanie went up to her at Mark Deuber’s birthday party. Even though hey did not speak during the episode, they both have a lot to say about everything that went down now that it has aired.

Brandi shared her thoughts on the first episode of the season in her Bravo blog. She wrote, “Wow, cannot believe it’s been a year since you knew what we have all been up to. With that, I know that everyone is dying to know what happened between Stephanie Hollman and myself.”

Since she can’t spoil the season, Brandi didn’t outright say that she and Stephanie are good these days, but Brandi did say, “First, let me start out by saying I love Stephanie Hollman. She will always have a special place in my heart and a bond that I know I could never replace. Our relationship was inseparable for over 10 years to almost a fault. We put each other first over our marriages in a lot of ways. I let things escalate between us.”

Aside from the super surprising rift between Brandi and Stephanie, the biggest surprise of the night was Brandi crying on LeeAnne Locken’s shoulder for support. That would never happen during Season 1. Brandi wrote, “AWKWARD!!! I did not want LeeAnne Locken to speak for me, nor get involved. I knew I didn’t want to speak to Stephanie with aggression because I know she doesn’t handle communicating that way. I knew if and when I speak to her that it would be with compassion and heartfelt.” But that’s not what happened and LeeAnne did end up serving as Brandi’s mouthpiece at the event.

Brandi admitted, “I also had the feeling of being replaced by Cary Deuber. I by no means replaced Stephanie with anyone. In fact, I kept my feelings bottled up for the most part to my direct family.”

Brandi told LeeAnne not to mention the text that Stephanie sent her to anyone, but LeeAnne didn’t even make it through the night before she confronted Cary about it. Brandi wrote, “Now to discuss the text, Stephanie sending the text was, in my opinion, a way of protecting me. I knew that LeeAnne and Cary had hung out, so why would Stephanie say Cary said that ‘LeeAnne was up to her old tricks again’? It made me think, that Cary had been saying negative things about LeeAnne. I know LeeAnne is trying to be this better person. So it seemed like a red flag. I honestly did not want anyone to get involved with the falling out between Stephanie and I. Watching, I can see where Cary was trying to stay out of it and LeeAnne stay in it, by speaking for me and bringing it up with Cary.” So does that mean that Brandi and LeeAnne are not as close these days? I guess we will find out eventually?

Brandi continued, “The text was something I wanted to bring up to LeeAnne, and by asking her not to bring it up at Marks party was clearly because the night is about Mark, not the ladies. This is also why I chose to not speak to Stephanie because it’s about Mark. I knew that if I did I would make a scene.”

It was so awkward when Brandi saw Stephanie. You could really tell that there was true sadness there and not just a rift for a reality TV story line. Brandi recalled, “When I finally decided to leave, I could barely get out the door without letting it all out. It’s like a break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend and then you see them and all those feelings come back…”

Then Brandi made a super interesting (and possibly offensive) comment about her feud with Stephanie: “Not having Stephanie in my life made my relationship with Bryan [Redmond] and my family stronger.” Yikes. I assume that she meant they grew closer together during tough times or something of that nature, but the wording was definitely a little off on that one. Brandi continued, “We traveled as families and spent time together verses with our husbands. However, I missed her and seeing her for the first time, brought back all of those feelings that I had bottled up.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]