Stephanie Hollman Explains The Blog Post That Instigated The Feud Between Her And Brandi Redmond

It was shocking to see that Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond were not on speaking terms when Real Housewives of Dallas returned for Season 2. These two were legitimately best friends outside of the show and were attached at the hip, so to see them not talking at all and not even arguing with each other was quite the surprise.

Brandi was upset over one of Stephanie‘s blogs, in which she talked about her marriage. Brandi refused to speak with Stephanie for months even though they both admit that Stephanie reached out to her constantly.

Stephanie took to her Bravo blog, yet again, to clarify what she meant in her now-infamous blog post.

She admitted, “As you can image [imagine], this was a really tough episode for me to watch! When I signed up to do this show with my best friend, never in a million years did I think that I would be at odds with her. I suppose I was a little more naive than I am now, but I truly started on this journey with the intent of creating lifelong memories with my best friend and our families.”

Oh Stephanie. As nice as that sounds, that’s just not how these Real Housewives shows work.

Stephanie stated, “I would first like to make a correction on a remark that Brandi made tonight regarding a blog post that I had written Season 1. In tonight’s episode, Brandi explained that she was mad at me for writing that her marriage was like watching a slow moving car crash. I have read my blog post many, many times over and that is simply not what I said, nor was it what I meant.”

She continued, “In my blog post titled ‘My Heart Broke for Brandi’ I said, ‘I felt uncomfortable and awkward. I wanted the experience to be an amazing family memory for Brandi. I could tell that Brandi was hurting and felt awkward in the situation. It was like watching a slow motion car crash and there was nothing I could do to fix it.’ In that scene, I was terribly embarrassed because my husband played a part in ruining that moment for her. Travis [Hollman] and Bryan [Redmond] showed up late and drunk, and that quite frankly broke my heart for her.”

Interestingly enough, Brandi has turned to her Season 1 nemesis LeeAnne Locken for comfort, and Stephanie is super close with Cary Deuber, who has tried to stay neutral in the feud.

Stephanie recalled, “Cary reached out to me and provided me with something I felt I was lacking at the moment – friendship. Cary, I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all of the bottles of wine we shared, the sweet flower arrangements you made and the laughter you brought back to my life! You exemplified what a true, genuine, kind-hearted friend should do in this situation by staying neutral and encouraging me to continue my efforts to reconcile with Brandi.”

Unlike LeeAnne who was very against Stephanie during the first episode of Season 2.

Stephanie wrote, “Brandi, I am sorry! I’m sure there is more that I could have done and words that I could have used differently, but I honestly did not know what I had done wrong.”

She also talked about the party where they saw each other for the first time in months: “All I wanted in that moment was an answer! I was a girl in a crowded room, but the only person I wanted to talk to was you. I didn’t want to cause a scene or bring anyone else into our situation that had no business being involved; all I wanted was a conversation with my sister that I could see hurting! We have a friendship dating back more than ten years, and I am thankful that most of the other ladies respected and honored that.” Obviously that “most of the ladies” part was a dig at LeeAnne.

Stephanie added, “It was not a conversation for the group; it was a conversation for us. Nothing at that moment was more important to me than our friendship!”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]