Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger Claims She Is The One Who Told Bethenny Frankel To Date Jason; Explains Exit From Bravo

I don’t understand why anyone would try to make an enemy out of Bethenny Frankel, but it does happen and the latest person to have Bethenny’s name stuck in her mouth is none other than Jill Zarin advocate Patti Stanger.

Ever since Patti “left” Bravo, she’s had a lot to say about Bethenny her new show.

Patti appeared on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast to promote her show (i.e. continues talking about Bethenny for press). She bragged, “Bethenny, me, and Jill were really close [during] the early days of Bravo. I used to counsel her and I used to fix her up. She did something really awful to me at that point. I forgave her for it.”

What was Bethenny’s awful offense? Patti said, “She talked about my personal life to my clients. I have a rule to not talk about the club or my clients, stuff that is personal to me.”

Patti also said that she was in on one of the most infamous RHONY moments of all time: the “get a hobby” voicemail that Bethenny left for Jill. Patti shared, “When she told me she was going to leave the message on Jill’s machine, I was like ‘Please don’t do this. Bobby [Zarin] took care of you for two years. You traveled. They bought you this. They took you here.'” It’s as if the Zarins adopted Bethenny as a grown woman.

Patti wasn’t done talking about Bethenny (not by a long shot). She alleged, “I know a lot of her friends like Lauren and a bunch of people. She just kicks them to the wayside. I know why she does this: she’s has a wall up. She’s afraid to love.” I can’t imagine why Bethenny wouldn’t want to be friends with Patti…..

Patti claims that she is the one who persuaded Bethenny to get serious with her ex husband Jason Hoppy. Patti recalled, “She said ‘I don’t know who to pick: the guy that can brand me and make me a fortune or the guy that I’m fucking that I like.’ So I said, ‘OK, go for Jason.'” Patti also emphasized that the other man was one of her clients, of course.

For good measure, Patti threw in, “She’s slept with A-Rod. She’s been around.

She slept with him like twice or something.” Again, I have no idea why Bethenny wouldn’t want to be friends with Patti….

After a lot of name dropping and Bethenny talk, Patti actually did end up talking about her own show and why it is not on Bravo anymore. She claimed, “It was contract negotiations. I was offered it. They wanted my trademark. They wouldn’t give me certain carve outs.” She continued, “When I took WE, they went back and offered it to me again. it was lawyer shit. It was all lawyer shit.”


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Bravo]