Two episodes in and the main story line from Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 is the discord between Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. Other than that, pretty much nothing is happening, and that means the rest of the cast (including Cary Deuber) is caught in the middle.

Cary has tried to stay neutral, but it’s been clear that she’s become super close with Stephanie while LeeAnne Locken (of all people) is a the MVP of Team Brandi. Other than this story line and the continued introduction of the new cast members, the only other thing that happened- other than a super random dog costume contest- was Cary’s husband Mark Deuber was nominated for some sort of style award. Hopefully the season picks up from this point on….

Unfortunately for Cary, her husband’s enthusiasm for style has been met with a lot of criticism. She discussed this and shut down the haters in her Bravo blog. She wrote, “I can also already anticipate the nasty remarks; not masculine; not normal? NOT your business! Why do I even have to mention he’s not gay? Are the trolls out there really going to try to sell that as an insult? Let’s shut that down right now. It’s not cool… Change your viewpoint. Listen, it is immeasurably ignorant to say someone is ‘gay’ because they like style or art. We all have plenty of friends WHO HAVE great fashion sense and plenty who don’t. It has nothing to do with sexual preference and is very offensive and small-minded to think that way (let alone spew it directly at people like it even matters).” Good for Cary. It’s honestly ridiculous for people to equate fashion savvy with sexuality- yet it does happen all the time, unfortunately.

After that rant, Cary addressed the only other main story line this season: “When it comes to the Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman confrontation, it was very difficult to sit in my position and not choose sides. Even though I saw myself potentially getting pulled into another non-existent issue with a hot dog, I chose to stand my ground and keep my mouth shut while these two long time friends finally had a moment to speak.” Obviously the “hot dog” Cary mentioned is LeeAnne. Brandi continued, “It’s like I said before, why take on extra conflict?”

Cary wrote, “I desperately didn’t want to be in the middle of that; but it felt like Brandi was the one who was actually putting me there.” She also explained the problem that Brandi had with her social media activity: “Brandi’s major frustration is over me calling Stephanie my ‘ride or die’ this summer in a Tweet? Um… It was a cycling charity event for domestic violence survivors that Stephanie invited me to. Girl…’Ride or die’ was the event hashtag to publicize the event… a -cycling- charity event at Soulcycle… like ride or die literally meant ride a bike to raise money for a shelter so someone doesn’t die from domestic violence.” That caption makes perfect sense given that it was for a cycling event. Oh Brandi….

Cary continued, “But now a little jealousy is getting in the way of Brandi’s friendship with Stephanie that long outdated mine? Sounds like a reach. That combined with the fact that I’m sure Stephanie tried to get Brandi there, too, and she simply chose not to come. I really wasn’t sure what to say in that moment when I realized that my friendship with Stephanie was somehow affecting Brandi (and we’re all friends!).”

She recalled, “When Brandi brought up the whole text-gate thing, I got upset because I really do care about Brandi and Stephanie and didn’t want to get in the middle of whatever mess they were dealing with. To this day, I still don’t get it. And I should not have to. It’s their friendship- I didn’t think it was right to involve myself or allow myself to get pulled in.” Yet, that’s how this franchise works. Everyone is more or less obligated to discuss each other’s business. Sorry, Cary.

She explained, “At that moment, with all of the feelings that Brandi explained to me, I was a little crushed and lost my cool because it seemed at that point impossible to just be a supportive friend from the sidelines and not end up with an irrelevant issue of my own to deal with. That really sucks because, while I love my girlfriends, it started to become apparent in that moment that I just I can’t be friends with everyone.” Nope, not on Real Housewives. It’s pretty much impossible to be friends with everyone, let alone on a reality TV show.

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On tonight’s episode we continue to watch the Brandi/Stephanie drama unfold, with a possible re-appearance of LeeAnne’s special brand of crazy. “Brandi and Stephanie make an attempt to repair their broken friendship, but after so much damage, it may be too late. With no experience parenting, D’Andra tries her best not to be an evil stepmother when Jeremy’s 20-year-old son moves in. And LeeAnne’s latest anger management session doesn’t prevent her from showing up at Stephanie’s Halloween party dressed to kill.”

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