LeeAnne Locken Two Face Costume

LeeAnne Locken On Stephanie Hollman: “Her Actions Never Match Up With Her Words”

When Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas started, it was surprising to see Brandi Redmond all buddy buddy with LeeAnne Locken since they were at odds for all of the first season. An even more shocking turn of events was the fact that Brandi and her ride or die Stephanie Hollman hadn’t spoken for months. That was definitely surprising.

Brandi and Stephanie made up on the last episode before LeeAnne decided to dress “as Stephanie” in a Two Face costume even though her therapist insisted that she not do that. Now LeeAnne is nervous about the effect of Stephanie and Brandi’s reconciliation on her newfound relationship with Brandi.

LeeAnne shared her thoughts on the last episode in her Bravo blog.

She recalled, “Of course, I was shocked to have been invited to Stephanie Hollman’s party! This is the part of Steph that continues to bewilder me, even now. You say I’m a horrible person, but please come to my party? Seriously?” Doesn’t she pretty much have to invite the entire cast to her party while they’re filming?

LeeAnne theorized, “No doubt, I kind of felt like she only invited me to get Brandi there.” She continued, “My biggest issue with Steph is her inconsistency; she’s all over the place, and her actions never match up with her words. How can you live like that? It’s a huge reason why we don’t connect.”

LeeAnne shot down claims that she was upset or jealous when Brandi and Stephanie made up.

She wrote, “When Brandi said that they were meeting, I was happy! Finally, they were going to make time to talk, which I’d been saying the whole time: They. Need. To. Talk. I know that may shock everyone, but the truth is that I would never stand between two friends who were struggling to find their way back to each other. I wanted Brandi to have resolution and/or closure, in whatever form that meant.”

Still, LeeAnne admitted, “I would not be completely transparent if I didn’t say, of course, I was afraid that Steph would convince Brandi to give up her friendship with me. That’s just logical thinking. After all, it wasn’t until Stephanie backed away that Brandi even gave me a chance.” She added, “More honesty: My time with Brandi meant something; I saw so much of me in her and wanted her to find happiness. In the end, she has a place in my heart, and that real estate doesn’t come by often.”

LeeAnne tried to justify her Halloween costume: “Going as Two Face allowed me to say how I felt without actually saying it.” She continued, “For more clarity: at the party, I explained to Stephanie why I wore my costume, and she apologized for making me feel that way. The party ended peacefully with my apology to her for wearing it.”

LeeAnne brought Cary Deuber into the conversation when she concluded: “Here’s what I’ve found: Stephanie and Cary Deuber are the kind of people who need someone else to lean on or prop themselves up against. I am not, nor will I ever be, that kind of person.” And that is why LeeAnne is the only one who brought any story line to this show during Season 1.

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