Real Housewives of Dallas Recap: Social Grace and Zip Codes

It’s been two days after the Hollman Halloween Party on The Real Housewives of Dallas and the stage is fully set with old feuds, new feuds and a new house with an old neighboring nemesis. This was another great episode. Let the games begin.

Stephanie Hollman and Travis Hollman are inspecting their new house of horrors. If the pool in the living room wasn’t bad enough that wallpaper would make anyone run. The new homeowners couldn’t be on more opposite sides of the page. Travis wants koi fish, Stephanie fears fish, Steph wants to cover the impractical pool, Travis tells her she’s “really good at mopping”. Ass. He also reminds her that he’s the one making the money in the family…Stephanie needs to remind HIM that he’s on TV and cashing a Bravo check because of HER.

There are a few perks to this new house; it’s near the kid’s schools, good restaurants and The Queen of Dallas Charity World, Heidi Dillon.  (Flashback to Heidi ‘innocently’ asking Cary Deuber to demonstrate deep throating a corn dog!) Still not over it, Stephanie feels that Heidi humiliated Cary with the request. The interior designer pops up with a swan float and is all smiles when she learns Travis has zero budget for the redesign.

Brandi Redmond and hubby Bryan Redmond are off at the OBGYN’s office. They both have baby fever and are hoping for a boy. The concern is that Brandi had a full “mommy makeover” that could limit the baby’s growth. Brandi found out she was pregnant and they went for an ultrasound and were unable to find a heartbeat, resulting in the miscarriage she told Stephanie about last week. The two are encouraged to seek fertility potential. And another housewife having a baby story line begins…

Longtime friends, LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons meet up for lunch. D’Andra isn’t too happy that LeeAnne lied to her saying she was going as an “angel and devil” to the Halloween party – but instead 2 Faced Stephanie. D’Andra is pretty direct, warning LeeAnne about her reputation. We all know a LeeAnne type, someone who can pull a stunt one minute and post an inspirational quote online the next.


LeeAnne maintains that Stephanie is nothing but a social climber by moving into Dallas and that she wants to become BFF’s with Kameron Westcott – taking the elevator to the top. We’re reminded how big the Westcott name is in the Dallas social scene. These are high society folks. In a flashback from the Halloween party, Stephanie awards Kameron the winner of the costume contest, telling her, “You’re everything I wish I was tonight”.  Side Note: Kameron’s Pink Princess costume was nice, but odd that she won out of everyone else. Anyways, D’Andra channels her mother instructing LeeAnne to reconcile her behavior with who she wants to be. Say goodbye to “Little LeeAnne”. Having none of this, LeeAnne has on a Cheshire cat smile, telling her friend that she’s still going to be her. She explains she DID however take responsibility at the party by telling Stephanie the truth about her costume inspiration.

The LeeAnne Locken Reputation Redemption Tour continues at The Annual PositiviTea Luncheon starring LeeAnne Locken, Event Chair. We saw this event last year where LeeAnne famously told her story to a group of HIV positive women, fighting the stigma of living with the infection. Charity Queen, Heidi Dillon introduces LeeAnne at the podium. LeeAnne tells a story where a woman messaged her privately saying she wished she had the courage to attend the conference.

Friends D’AndraKameron and Brandi came to show their support and congratulate LeeAnne. Heidi makes her way over to the group while Kameron brags about dressing her dog in Cavilli. (Kameron still living in her own world).  Brandi couldn’t be any less impressed with the materialistic chatter. The vibe is still off between Kameron and Brandi. It seems that Kameron is looking to start her first fight. She has a lot to say in interviews, but needs to bring it in her scenes with the ex-cheerleader.


Heidi spills the tea that Stephanie and Travis bought the house across the street from her. No one knew this except LeeAnne, who questions Brandi if Stephanie mentioned it. When Brandi says no, LeeAnne makes a little jab, “that’s so weird”. Next, both LeeAnne and Heidi are all too happy to tell the ladies that the house is built into a marsh, it’s a money pit, and built on a sinkhole. In her interview, Brandi isn’t happy that LeeAnne is talking trash about Steph’s home minutes after a motivational speech. Fair. LeeAnne goes on to tell the group that Stephanie wants to be a part of Dallas society badly and that to do so you have to live in the ZIP CODES. In a quick edit, they cut to Kameron saying, “Right”, as if to agree with the shi* talk. Even Brandi, in her interview agrees that Stephanie does want to be a part of Dallas society, resulting in her guard going up. Is it really about Dallas society or about her and Travis’s new found fame?

It’s a new day at Ultimate Living, and D’Andra comes in with a positive attitude, excited to see a new, more modern work space. Mama Dee Simmons rolls her eyes. – Not Interested -. D’Andra points out her mom’s office is straight out of 1996, complete with white shelving, a projection TV, CD’s and a boom box. D’Andra says they need to upgrade and it’s time to bite the bullet, she’s 76 and – WAIT.

Hold up…

Stop the recap. 

Dee Simmons is 76 years old?? God, she looks good.

Mama Dee tells her that SHE will tell D’Andra when it’s time to upgrade. Period. D’Andra prepares to go through a list of new business, starting with eye cream packaging. Dee interrupts immediately, disagreeing with the need for a change. Dee is a creature of HABIT people! Well, since that’s not happen, D’Andra moves to the next item on her list – trouble ordering a new computer. Showing 0.00 sympathy, Dee tells her to take charge and that she’s allowing herself to be disrespected. D’Andra makes a good point; her mother signs the checks, not D’Andra so the dynamic is a little different. Maybe if D’Andra spoke with her employees with the same conviction she did with LeeAnne she’d get that new computer.

Kameron-Westcott-protects-her-Birkin-from-some-light-rain-alongside-pal- Cary-Deuber

Across town, Cary and Kameron meet for dinner and bond over wearing all black. Both are giddy watching Kameron cover her Birkin with a little raincoat. (Somewhere Court is rolling his eyes) Kameron opens up about “mom guilt” if she’s at the mall or Cabo too long… while working mom Cary just feels guilty for going to work. Later, Kameron is back on her new recurring topic, Brandi. She complains of making an effort with the redhead but that she isn’t opening up – slamming Brandi for having “no social grace”. (Does that mean her charity world is over??) Kameron simply writes her off for being insecure and living on the outskirts of Dallas. Again, zip codes people…

Speaking of Brandi, she and Stephanie go on a “first date”. They chat about Steph’s new money pit house that Brandi wasn’t aware of. Steph claps back, “well that’s what happens when you don’t talk to someone for four months”. Brandi explains LeeAnne’s take on Steph wanting to move to Dallas to become a socialite. Steph clarifies it’s for the kid’s school and Travis’s ego. Brandi feels caught in the middle once again. We’re reminded that Brandi is an impressionist (little mimicker) and already has a pretty good Kameron down. We’re sure Kameron wouldn’t approve and Brandi would lose MORE social grace points.

A new day begins, and D’Andra gets a pep talk from her husband before going in front of The Big Boss again. She’s ready to have “the talk” about her future. She admits to feeling scared by her mother. Who can blame her? D’Andra just about sits down in front of her mother and is put on the spot immediately. “I love your dress”, said Dee. “Is it new? What a dumb question. Everything’s new”. Ouch. Dee goes onto say that she can tell D’Andra has a lot on her “little mind”. Double ouch. Maintaining her composure, D’Andra explains her irritation with her mother vetoing business decisions, asking what it would take for her to trust her. Dee explains she needs to believe in her heart that she can manage money. When D’Andra asks for her mother’s trust the mogul starts to crack. Dee sheds a tear or two and explains how she was not college educated and still managed to build two multi million dollar companies. She fears D’Andra may lose the company and wants to protect her daughter. D’Andra isn’t buying the tears. In her interview she says she’s a grown woman and it ticks her off. Once again, no decisions are made.


Brandi visits Stephanie’s new house (which looks like it has the heaviest front door). Stephanie says that hearing the girls gossiped about her house put her in a bad place. She’s glad to have Brandi back in her life, joking that she snatched her back from LeeAnne. Brandi reveals that she has a house rule; LeeAnne isn’t allowed inside her home because of her unpredictable potty mouth – look who’s talking.  Didn’t ya’ll spend 12 episodes talking about poop last season? The ladies prank call the LeeAnne Supporter across the street: Heidi Dillon, who just hangs up on them.

It’s Zuri’s birthday party, featuring ponies, lemurs and housewives dragging in their kids. Zuri asked her grandmother if they could buy a pony and apparently, it was the funniest thing Cary has ever heard. Kameron, Brandi and Stephanie all come to celebrate. Stephanie thanks Cary for being the only one who denied the two faced comments at the Halloween party.  Kameron asks why Brandi is so close with LeeAnne now. Stephanie says it’s up to Brandi and tells the ladies about the house rule. Cary questions if LeeAnne is hard up for friends? Shade.


Brandi proudly presents gifts to Cary and Stephanie, apologizing to Kameron standing nearby. The (two) ladies unwrap Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Whisky. She then invites them to Tennessee where she’ll visit her grandfather. No, LeeAnne is not invited. Kameron is on the outside looking in on this exchange of hugging and jumping up and down. She breaks in to tell Brandi not to worry that she gave her friends gifts in front of her. She recommends not exchanging gifts and exclusive invitations in front of others and says the word “awkward” about four times. She gets an A in passive aggressive behavior.

Kameron is officially under Brandi’s skin on this point, prompting her to recommend a lesson in etiquette in her interview. Back at the party, Brandi jokes that she only did it to be a “mean girl” and laughs it off.  Kameron takes it 100% literally and asks if they want to talk about it. Pump your breaks girl! –  This situation went from awkward to a mess real fast. – Kameron won’t let it go, throwing her hands up in the air saying, “I don’t know, I mean I don’t know”. Stephanie walks Brandi out and they share a good laugh. Kameron continues the etiquette lesson with Court (and Cary in the middle once again agreeing with every word) that it was rude and inappropriate. ”. Kameron isn’t going to let this one go for a LONG time.


Are the ladies taking sides already? It looks like Steph, Cary and Brandi are bonding in Memphis, while LeeAnne, D’Andra and Kameron bond over dinner, all talking about their favorite topic: each other.

TELL US – THOUGHTS ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE? How would you have reacted to Brandi giving gifts and invites in front of you?

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