Horse Rescue Has Kept Kim Richards Sober And She’s Happier Than Ever


Kim Richards Horse RescueIt has been a rough – and very public – battle for Kim Richards, but she’s found her way back home on horseback. While dislike Kim’s behavior on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills – sober or not – I am beyond proud of her for committing to a healthy and alcohol-free life and using animal rescue in the process. Just as long as there’s no blue bunnies or Kingsleys which need rescuing, right?

It’s been more than a year since Kim got sober and her regular volunteering at Skydog Ranch, a non-profit devoted to horse sanctuary, has helped her recovery “a lot.” Kim’s work there a has been a “major part” of maintaining her focus. “The horses make me feel so good. I feel like I’m a part of something so huge and I know I’m making a difference,” she describes. “The Sanctuary keeps me grounded and keeps me at peace and it’s healthy for me.”

Skydog helped Kim see the “big picture of what’s happening,” and every time she leaves, the former RHOBH star “can’t wait to come back.” That’s wonderful – go Kim. 🙂

Skydog owner Clare Staples is also mentoring Kim and gushes that she’s “so invested” in their work. “She’s always thinking of how to fundraise and ways to promote,” adds Clare. “She has a family and a new grandson and plenty of other things that she could be out doing instead of coming here and scooping up horse poop.”

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Kim’s family is more than supportive and will be participating in an upcoming fundraiser Kim is planning. Since Lisa Vanderpump also owns a horse (not just minis!) loves riding, and is super passionate about animal rescue I predict we’ll see her visiting Skydog and that Kim’s event will be featured on the upcoming season of RHOBH.

And according to Kim she’s no longer the drama-causing Rambles we’ve seen on RHOBH. “This new lifestyle of mine does not fit in with the old lifestyle,” she laughs. “Honestly, my sobriety kind of came with it – with spending so much time here. It just happened naturally.”

Kim explains, “I found something healthy and beautiful to put myself in to, which doesn’t leave much room for the negative stuff.” I wonder if Lisa Rinna has lots and lots and lots (and lots) to say about this? Hey, so long as it’s positive somethings, right?!

In working with horses Kim believes like she’s finally found herself. “There is something about it and it gives me self-confidence and self-worth because sometimes people lose themselves and coming here gives me that self-confidence and self-worth that for a long time I thought I lost,” she tells E! News. “Going through sobriety and being a part of this gives you back a huge piece of who you are. I’ve been given back that piece and I am Kim now.”

“I feel complete,” Kim admits. “I really do. Between my children, my friends, my grandson, my life here, I just feel very blessed and very grateful.”

This is night and day from the Kim we watched on the infamous Dr. Phil meltdown. I am truly happy for Kim, and thrilled that she’s found peace and contentment. This is wonderful news to report.

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Also, I hope Kim’s stance about avoiding negativity prevents her from returning to RHOBH. Not because of my personal preferences, but because she sounds so happy and healthy that I would hate for her to return to a negative environment and jeopardize all the progress she’s made. That said, I would LOVE a cameo from Kim at Skydog to see her work and get a glimpse of this amazing organization in action!


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