LeeAnne Locken Doesn't Recall Threatening Cary Deuber While "Under The Influence" Of Surgery Meds

LeeAnne Locken Doesn’t Recall Threatening Cary Deuber While “Under The Influence” Of Surgery Meds

LeeAnne Locken’s hands work very well, she’ll have us all know. But The Real Housewives Of Dallas star doesn’t plan on using them to kill Cary Deuber, and frankly, she doesn’t even remember making threats to do so! Before surgery, LeeAnne told Brandi Redmond that Cary needed to watch out, insinuating that she’d use her hands as weapons if need be. After watching this scene play back last week, LeeAnne says she doesn’t even recall this conversation, blaming her trash talk on the meds she was doped up on pre-surgery.

LeeAnne also thinks Brandi baited her into smack-talking about Cary, beginning with the ride to surgery. She explains how Brandi revved her up before the procedure: “During the entire drive to surgery, I got to hear all the horrible things Cary Deuber was saying about my surgeon. And, to be clear, Cary doesn’t even know my surgeon! Brandi also reminded me of how stressed out she was before her own mommy make-over. Cary had told her that Brandi’s own surgeon had, ‘KILLED SOMEONE ON HIS TABLE’. I just can’t even imagine how apprehensive Brandi must have felt…I don’t understand this need to insult a person’s surgeon RIGHT BEFORE SURGERY!”

“While I think Cary would like for it to come across as concern – it doesn’t,” continues LeeAnne. “It just creates so much fear and no one should be put through that in the hour before they are anesthetized. Look, I am not good with surgery to begin with. It truly terrorizes me to even think about what could happen when things are out of my control. Let’s call me a little bit of a control freak that is being made unnecessarily scared on the trip to my surgery.”

Given her state of mind in the car ride, LeeAnne admits she was ready to throw down. But she swears she never meant to physically threaten Cary – even though she basically insinuated it. She defends, “Oh, and as for my comment to Brandi on the way to my surgery, ‘That talk is going to get her in big trouble.’ I meant as far as the legality of defaming someone. Can you really say someone killed someone on his table if it’s not true? I’m not a lawyer but it just doesn’t seem right or legal.”

LeeAnne also defends her comments pre-surgery. She writes in her blog, “My ‘conversation’ with Brandi at the surgery center seemed very one-sided. What I mean by that is, in a normal conversation there is give and take. I truly only heard the take! I feel like I was completely baited in an into speaking about something that should not have been discussed considering I was under the influence.”

“I honestly can’t recall this conversation,” claims LeeAnne. “It’s horrible to watch it back on TV. If you feel disappointed in me while watching this, let me tell you, I feel it 1,000 times harder. This is not who I want to be and not how I want to be. When people push my buttons, I want to be calm and respond in a calm manner. My heightened fear took all of that away from me. I own it, but I am not proud of it! Any true friend taking you to surgery would have built you up, not asked you to discuss people trying tear you down.”

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When Brandi called Cary later to relay the conversation to her, LeeAnne was shocked. She actually breaks down her thoughts on the conversation LINE BY LINE in her blog! Oh, lordy. Here ya go:

Brandi’s words:

LeeAnne is very upset and won’t let it go.’ – Um, Brandi, you started this conversation by repeating what she said.

‘She says she is going to hurt you.’ – NEVER SAID THAT

‘Spitting in my face and her eyes were delusional.’ – Never spat in her face.

Cary’s words:

LeeAnne says she’s gonna kill me.’ – NEVER SAID THAT

Brandi said she’s gonna strangle me.’ – NEVER SAID THAT”

Alrighty, then. Let the ladies and gentlemen of the jury accept this transcript as evidence number 1-897-CRAZY!

LeeAnne is thankful that ally D’Andra Simmons defended her and that Kameron Westcott doesn’t seem to be drinking the Brandi/Stephanie Jesus Juice yet, but foreshadows lots of drama to come on the trip to Mexico.

She complains, “Having these women continue to say that I said things that I never said is, to me, as inexcusable as my behavior has occasionally been. Do they believe that if they say it enough others will say it, too? Seeing Brandi so clearly stand up for Cary and Stephanie Hollman after all that they have done to her, yet throw me under the bus with complete ease, blows me away. It makes me question if the girl’s fight ever really happened or if it was just a massive manipulation to get inside of my world and bait me into conversations that they could use against me later.”

“Until next week, when even more truth comes… and more lies! Aren’t we having fun!?!”

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