LeeAnne Locken Accuses Brandi Redmond Of “Trying To Get A Reaction Out Of” Kameron Westcott

The status of LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond’s friendship is so confusing. Are they friends? Enemies? Frienemies? A work in progress? It’s just tough to decipher. One second they’re hugging it out and the next they are shading each other on social media. Nevertheless, it was still surprising to see them hugging it out during that “Honest Tea” gathering during the last episode of Real Housewives of Dallas.

Of course that was filmed months ago and their relationship has probably had a ton of ups and downs since then. So it’s pretty interesting to see what LeeAnne has to say now that she’s watched the episode.

As expected, LeeAnne did not hold back in her Bravo blog. She wrote, “Watching the girls have pre-tea drinks while talking about Kameron Westcott and D’Andra [Simmons] disturbed me a bit. Plenty of times, I have gone out of my way to show Brandi Redmond the ways in which she could relate to both of the girls, and yet, Cary [Deuber] stirs the pot between the ‘out-of-towners’ and the ‘in-towners.’ Keep in mind that Cary has declared her friendship with both Kam and D’Andra, yet she doesn’t seem to be doing anything to help build a friendship with them at all.” Is Cary stirring the pot or is she just struggling to maintain her friendships with people who don’t get along with each other?

It seemed like Brandi was trying to soothe the tension with Kameron after the original gift bag debacle, but LeeAnne did not interpret it that way. At all. She explained, “Oh, Lord help me. When Brandi brought the ‘Exact Pink Bag’ to give Kam at the tea, it made me uneasy. All it does is take me back to the old Brandi, who plays games with people just enough that she can deny it, but enough to be effective in it.” Maybe I’m just having a naive moment, but it really seemed like Brandi was trying to make up by giving Kameron her own gift bag. Kameron is the one who rebuffed her peace offering and put her on blast in front of the whole group.

LeeAnne admitted, “I was grateful that D’Andra asked Brandi about me ‘not being allowed’ in her home. To hear it from Kameron at our girls night out was surprising, but then to see that it wasn’t a joke, but rather something Brandi claims to be real on national TV — well, that hurt worse. For it to then transition to her saying she wanted to talk to me one-on-one about it and not in a group setting is a little ‘tea too late,’ considering everyone else has been talking about it since last week’s episode.” I can’t help sympathizing with LeeAnne on this one… especially after LeeAnne was there for Brandi during her fallout with Stephanie Hollman.

LeeAnne theorized, “when Brandi feels guilty, she lets the lies roll out of her mouth in order to discredit the other person. It’s yet another trademark move that I am going to take the high road on.” I don’t know if calling Brandi out as a liar is “taking the high road.”

And it wouldn’t be a LeeAnne blog unless she came for Stephanie. She wrote, “The lack of compassion Stephanie Hollman has towards my childhood never ceases to amaze me. She was supposedly a social worker, but I can’t imagine where she learned that lack of empathy. Was she this way with her clients?”

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From Bravo: “As Housewives shop, pack and prepare for their much-needed getaway to Mexico, Kameron’s irresistible pink charm wins Court over and he agrees to invest startup funding in her doggone business idea. Mark is not taking it well that Cary is spending less time as his nurse and more time with their daughter Zuri. And moments before LeeAnne goes under the knife for breast “improvement” she puts Brandi in a pickle by secretly threatening Cary’s life and confiding potentially hurtful information about Mark.”

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