Real Housewives of Dallas Recap

The divide gets a little bit bigger this week on The Real Housewives of Dallas. There’s some crazy talk, but also a moment that looked to be out of Mean Girls: The Adult Years. One house husband won’t miss an opportunity to be on camera, and everyone can’t stop talking about LeeAnne Locken’s plastic surgeon doctor OBYGN cosmetic surgeon. Here we go –

Cary Deuber is alarmed because she’s only having sex with Mark once a day. They’re remodeling the practice and it’s all being put on Cary’s shoulders. She asks if it is okay if she runs to yoga and Mark suggests she keeps working. She wants to pick up her daughter after yoga and he ultimately allows her to “bail” on him again but not without making comments – so many comments. Cary is tired of battling Mark when it comes to giving attention to her daughter. This man needs to be brought down a peg or two, or three or four.

Stephanie Hollman and her husband Travis Hollman bring their young sons to the new house. The kids seem as excited as Travis is about the pool. The boys are “great swimmers” and Travis isn’t interested in hearing Steph’s suggestions to cover it and make the house more family friendly. Steph manages to negotiate that if they cover the pool and let her spend a million dollars to decorate the house, she’ll move in. Deal. Through her husband’s encouragement, Stephanie’s sons push her into the “pool”.

Brandi Redmond swings by to escort LeeAnne to her surgery. Picking up where we left off last week, Brandi is still intrigued by LeeAnne’s surgeon being a “vagina doctor.” LeeAnne reminds us that he is triple board certified as an OBGYN, plastic surgeon, and a hormone replacement specialist. She said she purposefully didn’t mention her doctor in front of Cary because she didn’t want her to disrespect her Doc. LeeAnne gets fired up, asking Brandi how much Cary grilled her on her mommy makeover MD. No one wants to doubt their doctor going under the knife. Cary’s questioning terrified Brandi because she was told her plastic surgeon killed people on the operating table.


Funny enough, LeeAnne’s surgeon’s name is Dr. True, unlike Cary, who views him as Dr. Fake. Both Brandi and LeeAnne are thrown off by the orange level lying around the pre-op office. Apparently, LeeAnne has very perky boobs (good to know). Behind closed doors, LeeAnne remarks how judgmental Cary would be if she were there. She’s had it with RN’s unwelcome commentary, threatening that someday she’s going to come for Cary and it isn’t going to be pretty. She alleges that Mark received sexual favors at a gay bar and she knows the boys. The medication must be setting in because she rambles about growing up with a lot of things in her hands that aren’t knives, just hands, and they work quite well. (???) After that exchange, time for a prayer and off to surgery.

Across town, at the office of Dr. Deuber, Plastic Surgeon, they are still shooting a promo for their website. This one includes a full breast augmentation surgery. Cary has to tell Mark that she’s taking time off and is petrified to have the conversation. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to talk up her pain in the ass husband, “Mark’s an amazing plastic surgeon, it’s not like he’s an OBGYN.” Cut to: Dr. True’s office where a nurse clumsily trips over the IV drip.


Back at Mark’s office, (who’s a plastic surgeon, if you didn’t know), Cary continues to walk on eggshells around her husband. Clearly, the two have already talked but cue the dramatic music. Cary tells Mark today was her last surgery for a couple years. Mark bets she’ll come “crawling back” after 6 months. Instead of hearing the young mom out, he’s concerned about her appearing on the website [and the YouTube channel promo] and not actually being seen in the office. To top it off, there’s nothing more passive aggressive than a “good luck with that” to end a serious conversation.

In a classic Housewives scenario, Brandi and Stephanie go bathing suit shopping for the big Mexico trip. Stephanie asks about LeeAnne’s surgery which is apparently similar to Brandi’s past trip under the knife, which put her out of commission for 8 weeks. Brandi tells her BFF that LeeAnne went off about Cary before surgery and detailed the growling about knives and hands. Steph’s happy that Brandi now sees that LeeAnne is “always up to her old ways.”  Brandi is conflicted whether or not to tell Cary of the controversial comments, but Steph encourages it. In her interview, Brandi does mention that she won’t repeat LeeAnne’s comments about Mark’s alleged sex acts.

Lori, Stephanie’s Life Coach, comes over (who looks like an older Lisa Rinna). The topic is Stephanie’s two boys. Her eldest is focused in school but her youngest son Cruise is dyslexic and had to move schools. Life Coach Lori reminds her that when they started meeting, her focus was on Brandi’s issues. This is hard for Stephanie, who regrets devoting so much of herself to Brandi rather than her own son’s problems. Steph’s feeling the mom guilt.


Speaking of #momguilt, Cary, who is no longer feeling the struggle since being home full time, rolls up with Mark to the gun range. D’Andra Simmons and Jeremy meet them in the parking lot. In this class of D’Andra Simmons 101, we learn that she is a perfect shot. She started shooting at 6 years old and has a better shot than her own husband, who was in the military. D’Andra is PUMPED! As usual, Mark is unhappy with Cary. She should have left him home. It’s been two days since Cary’s last day at the office and he still isn’t over it. These two make jabs back and forth, almost like a sport of their own. This has to be a blast for D’Andra and Jeremy to sit through.

Brandi calls up the #SpiritualSniper to tell her about LeeAnne’s words revolving around hurting her as a result of all the “doctor” comments. Brandi doesn’t help things, painting the picture for Cary of LeeAnne spitting and looking delusional. Cary is over it and just won’t act scared when she sees LeeAnne. Maybe she won’t give it any legs?

Cary runs over to tell D’Andra and Mark of the threats. D’Andra laughs it off; she’s not surprised by the comments – and attributes it to LeeAnne taking a Valium before surgery. Mark uses this as an excuse for Cary not to go to Mexico. She said she’s going no matter what.

The packing montage for the big cast trip begins. LeeAnne is sore and healing. Kameron Westcott has anxiety about flying commercial with a fur bag. In case you were wondering, she prefers to fly private. Elsewhere, Brandi’s daughter suggests she not pack pink (Kameron’s color), Brandi does anyways – Kameron be damned. At the Simmons’ house, D’Andra asks her husband about her stepson Keatin. Jeremy says he has a job interview and he’s apparently not mad at her [for making him sell her gowns on eBay]. Cary can’t even pack in peace. Mark is right there, underfoot on the computer, coaching her to ignore LeeAnne on the trip.

The housewives are off early to Mexico with a 6 AM start. It looks like we’ll have to wait and see if LeeAnne plans to behave on this trip. They arrive at beautiful Playa del Carmen. In a peaceful exchange, the ladies pick rooms. D’Andra and LeeAnne will share a room. Of course Brandi and Stephanie bunk together. Lastly, Cary and Kameron will split a room. With a big smile on her face, Cary is excited to tell Kameron that she normally sleeps naked, but not to worry on this trip – she’ll have on PJs.


Outside, in the hot tub, Kameron is confused on what’s going on with LeeAnne since getting an earful sitting next to her on the plane. Cary asks if she said she was going to kill her, Kameron assures her the answer is no. Brandi and Stephanie join in. The redhead feels that LeeAnne was upset about the comments Cary made about her OBGYN doctor. Brandi impersonates mimics LeeAnne’s knives comment made in the doctor’s office while all up in Kameron’s face. Brandi attempts to clarify, “it was after the nurse…” but Cary cuts in interrupting her point, “she’s threatened to strangle me!” cluing Kameron into the madness. It looks like the theory of LeeAnne being induced is correct.

Inside, LeeAnne and D’Andra have a sit-down. LeeAnne claims she’s gone out of her way to befriend Cary and is mad by the constant rude comments. D’Andra pulls out her famous pointed finger (channeling Dee Simmons) instructing her friend not to be affected by it. In her interview, D’Andra warns that if LeeAnne keeps saying the same hateful thing over and over, people will believe it. LeeAnne does admit to creating her own downfalls but predicts Cary will blow it all out of proportion.

Back outside, the girls continue gossiping about everybody’s favorite topic: LeeAnne. Cary thanks Brandi for telling her about the comments LeeAnne made while drugged up. It quickly turns into a scene out of Mean Girls. Brandi makes a snide comment citing LeeAnne’s doctor who asked her to tape a compact in between her books to prevent a bulk. This stirs up quite a laugh – at LeeAnne’s expense. Brandi is clearly more loyal to this group than her new friend. Kameron picks up on this but doesn’t know how to react. Stephanie jokes, “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Boob job.” The leader, Cary, caps off the scene, “Let’s put on our swimsuits. Let’s go show off our titties that we all had done by real plastic surgeons.” She officially sounds like Mark. Classy.

NEXT: The class continues. Cary shi* talks Rich’s manhood. Kameron freaks out over a dildo. LeeAnne shows D’Andra her engagement ring and is called to carpet about her strangling comments.

TELL US – THOUGHTS ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE? Is LeeAnne right to be irritated at Cary for questioning her Doctor’s credentials?

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