Teresa Giudice Explains Why She Turned Down Dancing With the Stars And Also Why She Wanted Danielle Staub Back On Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Who would have ever thought that Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub would be friends after Teresa flipped that table in her face during the Season 1 finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey? Danielle got the boot from the show after Season 2 and no one heard a peep from her until she and Teresa were spotted doing yoga together after the last season wrapped.

Now Danielle is back (thank god) and Teresa is a big part of that. Danielle even described their friendship as “perfect” in recent interviews. Again, that is something that no one ever thought would happen.

Teresa explained why she wanted Danielle to return to the show during her interview for the Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi podcast. With her husband “away” and Teresa living life as a single parent, she relates to the spot Danielle was in during the first two seasons of the show. Teresa said, “Her job was taken away because other Housewives didn’t want to film with her. When I was away, I thought about it a lot and I felt bad for her. When I came home I was a single mom with my daughters. I’m doing it all on my own. So I felt bad that her job was taken away from her when she had to support two daughters.”

She also confirmed why Danielle wasn’t asked back even though she was the main topic of conversation during the first two years of the show: “I just wanted her to know that I had no part in that. I never said that I didn’t want to film with her. I never wanted her job taken away. I wanted her to come back.”

Another person who is always the topic of conversation is almost cast member Kim DePaola, better known as Kim D. She used to be the most loyal Teresa solider during her rift with Melissa Gorga, but now there is some serious bad blood between her and Teresa. Even so, Teresa admitted, “To tell you the truth, I don’t mind her being on the show because I think she’s great.” I wouldn’t mind Kim D either. She always brings in the ratings and the headlines. She is very good for the show. Sure, I would never want her as an enemy, but if she’s helping a show that I’m on, then I would be all for it too. Still, Teresa said, “She really is great, but this season she comes after me saying things are not true. I was shocked.” And this probably has a lot to do with Teresa spelling out “Posche” in the Season 8 preview and throwing a chair at Kim D- which I selfishly cannot wait for.

Even though everyone on this show is kissing Teresa’s ass and bowing down to her (since she’s the queen of RHONJ), she is still having a tough season. Kim D nonsense is child’s play in comparison to the struggle she had to go through after her mother died. Thankfully, Teresa said, “The girls on the show really helped me get through it or I really would have crumbled. My mom was everything to me.”

Now that her mom has passed away, Teresa’s dad has been around a lot- and adding some much needed sweetness to this show. Teresa shared, “He doesn’t want to stay home. I take him with me everywhere.” She added, “If I go out to lunch with my friends, I take my dad with me. I’m like ‘Is it OK if my dad comes?’ and they’re like ‘of course.’ Everyone loves my dad, so I just take him with me and he helps me with the girls.” That is one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard. Personally, I think Giacinto Gorga and Milania Giudice should have their own spin-off show or at least some kind of Bravo web series where they’re hanging out in the kitchen saying hilarious things.

Getting back to the drama, Teresa teased, “I’m still in shock in Milan because I wanted to eat that food so bad.” Olivia commented, “All the dramatic moments happen at restaurants I feel like. That’s like a Housewife rule.” Pretty much- especially during a girls trip. Teresa said, “You saw the part with me and Dolores [Catania] going at it. Something does happen there so you have to tune in.” Well, yeah. They’re screaming at each other about sticking up for each other in the trailer for the season, so that’s pretty clear.

Aside from promoting the show, Teresa has been hitting the pavement to support her book Standing Strong. Olivia pointed out, “You did say in the first chapter that you blame Joe [Giudice].” Teresa immediately said, “It was his doing. Obviously.” This is a far cry from the tight lipped woman we’ve watched over the years who refused to discuss her family’s legal struggles.

Olivia wanted to know, “Did he apologize to you?” Teresa shared, “Not right away. He was blaming being in the public eye, and then he said ‘Yes, I should have been on top of everything. I trusted the wrong people.'” She continued, “He admits it now. He’s like ‘I’m sorry. I’m going to be different when I come home.'” Let’s hope so.

Even though Teresa is the queen of RHONJ, she had another reality TV show opportunity after her time away. Teresa revealed, “I was asked to do Dancing With the Stars when I came home, but I wasn’t allowed to. Bravo said I couldn’t be on Dancing With the Stars before being on our show.” She also said, “I would love to. I don’t know if they’re mad at me.” I’m sure they’re not. Teresa is reality TV gold. I’m sure they would welcome her on the show in a heartbeat.

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