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Teresa Giudice Understands Why Siggy Flicker Was Upset She Wasn’t Invited To Memorial; There’s No Hope Of Reuniting With Jacqueline Laurita


As Kathy Wakile once said, Real Housewives of New Jersey really is “the Teresa show.” RHONJ historians recall that Teresa Giudice’s cousin declared that during a reunion episode argument and she didn’t mean it in a flattering way, but the quote still stands. Teresa Giudice is Real Housewives of New Jersey. Real Housewives of New Jersey is Teresa Giudice.

They even delayed filming seven months to wait for Teresa to come home from prison. Hell, they had a three-part episode where Teresa talked to her family via speaker phone. That’s right: SPEAKER PHONE. Teresa was able to carry this show via phone call, so of course anyone with eyes and ears knows that she is THE queen of the show. Like her or not, she has been and will always be the center piece of this show. With that said, everyone on the show does what they can to be in her good graces, so it’s interesting to know what Teresa thinks of all of her potential soldiers costars.

Before getting into the RHONJ antics during her Watch What Happens Live appearance, Teresa told host Andy Cohen that her husband Joe Giudice, “watches this all the time in… there.” By there, we all know that she means “prison,” but even Andy was walking on egg shells around Queen Tre. He asked, “He watches us in the….?” Yes, the host of this show cut himself off in order to be sensitive to Teresa and I was living for it. Teresa declared, “They love Bravo there.” I mean come on, who doesn’t love Bravo? Everyone loves Bravo. Or at least anyone who is reading this loves Bravo.

Before Teresa stormed out of Siggy Flicker’s home in Boca Raton, she made sure to point out that the chef Siggy hired made salty crab cakes. So of course Andy had to ask, “Were the crab cakes really salty?” Teresa admitted, ” A little bit, but he was an amazing chef. I feel bad.”

Teresa declared, “I feel like this is one of the best seasons,” but then again pretty much every tenured reality star says this once a year. With that said, Andy did agree and added, “I am loving it. I just saw the Posche fashion show over the weekend.” Instead of taking that cue to make a dig at the notorious Kim D, Teresa just said, “No comment.” Teresa chucking that chair after she spelled out “Posche” is an iconic moment. I only saw it in the trailer (fifty times over) and I get hyped up every single time. I cannot wait to see it play out when that episode actually airs.

A viewer asked Teresa if Siggy was “too dramatic about not being invited to the wreath memorial.” Teresa had Sig’s back and said, “I understand why she was upset. I know she really wanted to be there.” Margaret Josephs started taking shots at Siggy the second she “introduced” her to the cast. Siggy also told her “go fuck yourself” the night before, so it isn’t surprising that Margaret didn’t ask to extend the yoga session so she could give Siggy and Dolores Catania time to put on makeup and head to the beach to film a scene for the memorial.

Even though Margaret felt compelled to throw a memorial for Teresa‘s mother after knowing her for a day, the fans wanted to know how people who have known Teresa for years reacted to the passing of her mother and who reached out. Someone called in to find out, “if Jacqueline [Laurita] reached out to you after your mom passed and if there’s any hope of you two making amends.” Teresa shared, “she sent me a text” and gave a firm “no” to the second part of the question about making amends. That is definitely not happening- especially if Jacqueline isn’t a Real Housewife.

Speaking of long time friends, another viewer told Teresa, “You knew Dolores pre-Housewives, do you feel like she’s changed since being on the show?” Teresa answered with, “No, I don’t feel like she’s changed.” Dolores seems like a pretty grounded person to me. Teresa confirmed that she’s known Dolores “for over twenty years.” She also joked, “she’s just not loyal to me,” making herself hysterically laugh. She emphasized, “I’m only kidding. I love her. I’m kidding. I’m kidding.” We all saw the trailer where Teresa yelled at Dolores about standing up for her, so it will be interesting to see what that heated exchange was actually about.

A fan asked Teresa, “How can you forgive Danielle [Staub], but cannot speak with Kathy and Rosie [Pierri]?” Teresa said, “because Danielle’s a stranger and we had words. Family doesn’t do what family did to me.” Last year, Teresa clarified that she was “done” with her cousins when they didn’t reach out to her at all while she was in jail, but showed up to her book signing…. while the RHONJ cameras were rolling.

A caller wanted to know if Teresa felt, “that because Siggy brought Margaret into the group that Margaret needs to be blindly loyal to Siggy?” Come on, that’s a very loaded question with the word “blindly” thrown in there. No one should ever be “blindly” loyal to anyone. Loyal, yes, but blindly loyal, that’s not a good thing. Anyway, the new zen Teresa continued to keep her cool and declared, “I mean, no. Margaret’s her own person. It’s how she feels inside.”

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