Siggy Flicker Explains What She Really Meant By Her “Most Talented Person In The World” Comment

In all honesty, Siggy Flicker’s first season on Real Housewives of New Jersey was a total cake walk. She was friends with everyone and her biggest issue was being upset that the other ladies weren’t getting along. This season is a totally different story for her. Five episodes in and she has delivered a meme-worthy moment for each of them.

Unfortunately it isn’t all praise since Siggy has some quotes that are pretty outrageous. She is the topic of conversation every week- within each episode and while it airs on social media. One remark that definitely stood out to people was when she proclaimed, “I think I’m the most talented human being on the face of the earth.”

Siggy addressed the controversial comment and what it’s like to be a Real Housewife on the I Don’t Get It podcast. She described being on the show by saying, “It’s like being in a pressure cooker. It’s very, very intense this season. For the most part, it is stressful, but I do love it. The show has given me a huge platform. I got into it for all the right reasons.”

Siggy explained, “People were needling me all night long about a certain topic and I said, ‘You know what, I do what I do because I am the most talented person in the world when it comes to lifting people up and helping them and I’m passionate about what I do. They edited out that last part.” Well, of course they did.

If it wasn’t for Siggy’s antics during the first episode, there would be nothing to bitch about on social media. Sure, everyone was moved by the Giudice family (I actually cried during the opening scene-judge me, but it’s true), but the talked-about moments were definitely the words that came out of Siggy’s mouth. Siggy talking about how much she loves to help people wouldn’t have caused any kind of stir so cutting the comment at that point was definitely the way to go if the editors wanted to deliver a highly talked about moment.

Siggy continued, “That’s just the way I talk. I have a big personality. So if I’m having chips and salsa, I’m like ‘Oh my god this is the best salsa I’ve ever had.'”

Unfortunately for Siggy, not everyone is picking up what she’s laying down and she’s getting a lot of heat this season. Siggy shared, “This is the hardest part about  the show: people are like ‘You’re so conceited! You’re the most talented?’ People are taking jabs at me.” Unfortunately that’s how this show works: everyone has something to say on social media (and on this website). You really can’t escape it.

Siggy admitted that, “being on this show is amazing.” Still she maintains, “It is so stressful. Some people can handle it very, very well. I’m one of those people who can admit I have a very tough time with it.” We can tell, girl.

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