Melissa Gorga Is Surprised Teresa Giudice Has Been So Open This Season; Says Joe Gorga Isn’t Into Being A Reality Star

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY -- Season:8 -- Pictured: Melissa Gorga -- (Photo by: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo)

After many seasons of fighting with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice on Real Housewives of New Jersey, this seems like Melissa Gorga’s easiest season yet: she and Teresa are loyal to each other, she gets to promote her businesses on the show, and her marriage with Joe Gorga is solid.

Most importantly, she’s not involved in any of the major drama. Sure, there was a huge fuss over cakegate, but most of the real fighting seems to be going on between Margaret Josephs and Siggy Flicker or Danielle Staub and Dolores Catania.

Melissa opened up about the current season during an interview with The Daily Dish.

When she was asked about Danielle, she said, “I think there’s a lot of preconceived notions about Danielle Staub. I have to say, I did meet her for the first time on camera when I went to her party – which no one could believe, but I’ve never met Danielle before.”

I guess talking online about Teresa for years doesn’t count as “meeting,” but everyone seems to be past all that shit (i.e. never acknowledging it) and they’ve all moved on to doing yoga together and talking about Siggy and Dolores for a story line.

Personally, I’m still bitter that Danielle was ever axed from the show, but I’m so happy she’s back now and so is Melissa. She admitted, “I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I think she’s misread. I think she’s very vulnerable. I don’t think she had a fair chance. I’m saying that honestly. I think she’s intriguing. She’s interesting. She’s going to say the unexpected and I love that about her.”

As much as I feel bad for Dolores, Danielle is making some great TV going after her and waiting for Dolores to react. Angry Dolores makes for amazing TV.

Melissa was asked if she ever had a moment where she didn’t want to do the show anymore. She admitted, “Yeah. All the time. Every time we’re filming the reunion at the end of each season, I’m like ‘Yeah, this is definitely going to be the last time I sit on this couch,’ but you know I’m back. Now, I think I enjoy it more actually. I’ve come a long way since Season 3.”

Well yeah, this season is a total calk walk (and throw) for Melissa. She’s just sitting back watching everyone else go at it while she promotes her businesses and looks hot.

One person who is having some tough times is Melissa’s sister-in-law Teresa after the loss of her mother. Teresa – the queen of slapping on a smile and acting like everything is fine – even admitted that she was angry she had to go prison instead of spending time with her mother. Melissa admitted, “I was in shock that she actually said it out loud.” She also said, “It’s not the usual. It’s not the norm for her, but I think it’s doing a lot of good for her actually.” Teresa is also very open in her new book Standing Strong, and Melissa actually admits, “No. I have not read her book yet. It comes out today or tomorrow.”

Teresa and Melissa seem to be backing each other up during the hard times this season. They did have a teeny tiny tiff where Teresa told Melissa she is “a Gorga by marriage” and Melissa stormed out of their restaurant. Although it seemed to be fine since they hosted their event and were in several scenes together after that. Still, Melissa said, “That was rough. You can see that I was mad that day.” She added, “Listen, we’re not perfect. We definitely insult each other sometimes and I was definitely insulted that day.”

One person who seems to love being on the show is Melissa’s husband Joe, but he doesn’t really seem to be into the whole “reality TV star” thing.

Melissa explained, “It’s so funny. The show loves him obviously. They love to film him. They love what he’s got to say. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s the happiest. He’s awesome. It’s so funny because you see him the most on the show, but I think he’s the most disinterested. He never watches an episode. He doesn’t care about Instagram or Twitter. He really doesn’t even know he’s famous. He doesn’t care. He’s so disengaged in the show.”

That’s probably the best way to be. He gets all of the best benefits of being on reality TV and he avoids the pitfalls of social media criticism.

Tonight is an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Join us down in the comments to dish on the drama during the show!

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[Photo Credit: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo]