Margaret Josephs Says Siggy Flicker “Has Two Speeds: Hate & Hater”; Defends Her Pigtails

Even though Season 8 of Real Housewives of New Jersey has been airing for a month, it feels like Margaret Josephs is an official member of the Bravo family now that she has appeared on Watch What Happens Live. It really is a rite of passage for the Bravolebrities.

Surprisingly enough, the interview wasn’t over-saturated with Siggy Flicker questions. The main topic of conversation was actually Margaret’s infamous pigtails.

Even though it wasn’t a Siggy-centered interview, Andy Cohen did open up the episode with a question about Margaret’s foe. He wondered if “Margaret and Siggy can move on with their friendship.” When did they ever have a friendship? They’re essentially coworkers. Andy pointed out, “Siggy was kind of ready to let you back in.” Margaret explained, “You know when Dolores [Catania] and I spoke it seemed that way and when she went to speak to Siggy. Siggy has two speeds I think: hate and hater. So we’ll have to see how it pans out.” Solely based on social media, things will not pan out well between the two of them, but maybe there will be some bright spots along the way?

Andy asked Margaret to share her “sales pitch” for the pigtails. Margaret answered, “They’re disarming and charming. Everyone like to bang a girl with pigtails. They make you bangable. They’re adorable. They’re fun. And they work on the Marge.” Clearly, she’s been asked this question before. She had this answer down pat.

Even though Margaret and Siggy are far from being besties, Margaret did end up having a positive interaction with Dolores when they met up for lunch. Andy asked Margaret what made her opened up to Dolores and for a status update on where she stands with her step children today.

Margaret confessed, “I opened up to Dolores because I felt bad. She has an unconventional relationship. I wanted her to realize that I relate to her and Frank [Catania] and that I’ve had unconventional relationships. Maybe she’d understand me. I always realize with my pain I always make jokes and things like that, but I’m very deep. I was always about my family. So I wanted to discuss with her where I come from with my kids and everything else.”

She continued, “You know what, we’re trying to work through it. I call them my children. I don’t even call them my step kids. I’m obsessed with them. I love them and we’re just trying to work it out. Families are tough.” Yes they are. I wonder if Margaret’s step kids have been watching the season what they think now that they’ve become a topic of conversation.

Back to the pigtails, Andy asked, “What is the backstory of the pigtails? How long has this been going on?” Margaret shared, “Since I was five. Since I was a little girl. I gave them up for a while, but then people became obsessed with them.  When I don’t wear them, people get upset. It’s fun, I go into a room and stand out.” She definitely does stand out.

Margaret added, “I’m gonna tell you, when I went to Joan Rivers’ house, Joan said to me, ‘Don’t ever lose the pigtails. They make you stand out.’ I don’t look like every other blonde in the room. When I walk in, I make a statement. People are like,’Who’s that girl in the pigtails?'” Who would have thought that there would be so many Joan Rivers references in relation to this show? When will she be mentioned next? My money is on the reunion episodes.

Then the biggest breakout star of the season finally had a chance to speak. Margaret’s mother Marge Sr. was the bartender for the night and she was really giving me life- as per usual. Andy asked if she is single these days and she admitted, “Are you single. I’m afraid so. I haven’t found the person.” They really need to show some of her dates on Real Housewives of New Jersey. I can’t help feeling like that would be reality TV gold. When asked about her preferred age range for potential suitors, Margaret shared, “I like to start about fifty five.”

Of course the whole episode couldn’t be all lighthearted chatter about pigtails and Marge Sr.’s love life. They had to address the season’s drama as well. A viewer asked Margaret, “Who do you believe in the whole Danielle [Staub] and Dolores situation?” Margaret answered, “I actually believe Danielle because you know it could have been taken out of context. It could have been in the heat of the moment in a discussion. I don’t think Dolores meant it maliciously, but I do believe she said it.” This isn’t super shocking since Danielle and Margaret became instant besties and Dolores and Margaret are frienemies at best. I just wish this conversation was filmed for the show! I hate when the interesting stuff happens outside of filming.

Another fan asked Margaret if it was a good for Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga to be in business together. Margaret concluded, ” I think it’s fine. They’re family members. I think it’s great. The Gorga restaurant is fabulous. I think it’s great. I think it’s fine for family members to be in business together. You’re family members what are you going to do? You can’t dump each other. You’re stuck.” Usually that’s the case, but it definitely felt like Melissa was dumped by Teresa from Season 3 until Season 7.

During a game, Margaret’s mom copped to having sex in a cemetery and admitted that she had a sex dream about Spock from Star Trek. This woman is hysterical and I’m all about it.

Instead of ending the episode on that fun note, a fan asked Margaret, “Do you think Teresa needs to be more strict with her girls?” Margaret shared, “No, I don’t think so. You know what, they’re all fun. They’re a great, fun family. The girls are fun. Everyone’s great. Her girls are fabulous.” Yes they are. Plus it’s expected that their most extreme moments have made into the episodes so it’s some bull shit to judge Teresa as parent based on a scene or two with her preteen daughters talking back to her.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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