Tinsley Mortimer Wants To Get Back Together With Scott Kluth; Felt “Betrayed” When Sonja Morgan Talked About Her In The Press

It took a (long) while for Tinsley Mortimer to acclimate to the group dynamics during her first season of Real Housewives of New York.

By the end of the season, Tinsley was in a great place (minus that mint green dress she wore during the reunion episodes). She moved out of Sonja Morgan’s infamous townhouse. She was in an immediately serious relationship with Scott Kluth. She even made viewers laugh with her drunken monologue about the differences between West Palm and Palm Beach. Let’s just hope she brings more entertainment next season, aside from talking about her mugshot, fake eyelashes, and her refusal to switch up her hairstyle.

Nowadays Tinsley is single again, but she has hope that things will work out with Scott. Tinsley opened up about her relationship with Scott and her first season on the show in an interview for the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast. Tinsley explained, “It was like a boot camp back to my life. Being around these strong women who are all opinionated with big personalities and confident, makes you really look at yourself and get your life back. It was a good way to get to be me again.”

Kate Casey asked Tinsley about living at Sonja’s. Tinsley said, “I was living with a bunch of dolls and stuffed animals everywhere, but they were sort of my built in friends.” Yikes.

Tinsley reiterated the obvious: “We definitely had our complications. It’s not easy to live with somebody.” Clearly not. From the brown ice to the strict reprimanding as Tinsley asked Sonja’s (most likely unpaid) staff member Connor to open the door, it did not seem like the best time. She added, “Sonja had leaked something to the press making me out seem like a bad house guest. I know in the grand of scheme that sounds so dumb, but at that time, it was once again someone close to me and it felt like a betrayal. I just wasn’t in a safe haven. I felt betrayed and I felt hurt.”

Truth be told, the worst thing about Tinsley last season was that she was a little boring at times. She didn’t do anything majorly embarrassing. Even so, Tinsley has one issue with her behavior. She said, “The worst thing about the show for me was a couple curse words and stuff I said. My grandfather is ninety four years old and he is an avid fan. He was so proud of his grandfather being on the show and toward the end of the season, I said a couple bad words and he was very upset with me. So, I promised again that if I were to do it again, I would not use bad words.” We’ll see how that goes.

The conversation shifted to Tinsley’s relationship with Scott. She shared, “All of sudden reality sort of hits and he has to be in Chicago for a company that he works for called Coupon Cabin – which I actually still work for because he hired me to work for him. He’s just very, very busy. He’s focused on working and I have to be in New York, obviously. We had a bit of distance problem and we did break up, but we did just see each other this past weekend.”

So what does that mean? Tinsley admitted, “Hopefully we are going to work things out. I’m very optimistic about it and he’s such a great guy. I love Chicago and I love him. I’m just hopeful that we can make it work.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo