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Tinsley Mortimer’s Mom Dale Mercer Defends Sonja Morgan; Backs Up Sonja’s Claims Of Never Drinking At Home

While the Real Housewives of New York is clearly going through a transition, I’ll never get sick of Sonja Morgan being on my screen. Sonjarita is as pure as it gets, even when other ladies are coming for her businesses (Bethenny Frankel) or projecting their issues onto her (Ramona Singer). Sonja’s been dealing with a lot in these past few seasons and it definitely shows. But she always finds some way to bring the funnies.

Last week’s RHONY episode showed the ladies attempting to confront Sonja about her drinking again. It all came after Sonja and newbie Bershan Shaw got into a fight that led to Sonja with a Sexy J breaking the glass of a fire extinguisher. It looked like an accident as a result of a little too much drinking and high tensions. But the ladies were acting like Sonja committed some terrible crime. Luann de Lesseps even had the nerve to say Sonja’s actions were worse than when she literally (allegedly) threatened a cop and got arrested. Sounds like some more projection yet again.

Carolina BermudezFor those viewers enjoying the cast mix on the Real Housewives of New York, know that producers are looking to shake things up more next season.  With a core group that was untouched for almost seven seasons, change was arguably needed.  Dorinda Medley, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, and Luann de Lesseps were together since Season 7.  And the rotation of supporting cast members that included Bethenny Frankel, Tinsley Mortimer, and Carole Radziwell, provided shifting drama and story lines.

This formula worked until Tinsley left RHONY to follow Scott Kluth to ChicagoDorinda was left wanting for a target for her misguided anger and starting lashing out at the rest of the cast.  Unable to take responsibility or resolve any issues during the reunion, Dorinda was axed from the show.  Her departure provided an opportunity to reshape the dynamic of RHONY.  Producers added Eboni K. Williams to the Season 13 cast and her presence is a welcome change to a very homogeneous group.  Eboni brought diversity of heritage, thought, opinion, perspective and culture.  Now, Bravo producers are looking to include another woman of color to RHONY with the potential hiring of a Latina radio host.

Luann de Lesseps

Cast changes are rarely ever smooth. Viewers get used to seeing the same dynamic and change is hard. Even when it’s necessary. Such is the case with Real Housewives of New York. One time fan favorite Dorinda Medley finally overstayed her welcome and was let go from the franchise. Tinsley Mortimer also made an exit to chase love in Chicago with now ex-fiance, Scott Kluth. I’m hoping her breakup leaves the door open for her to return but there are no guarantees.

In their absence, Leah McSweeney joined the cast as a younger, fresher, face. And I’m not age shaming – it’s just a fact that she’s much younger than the current cast she was thrown into. But it worked. She brought some fireworks and also blended in seamlessly. Another excellent addition was the first Black cast member for RHONY, Eboni K. Williams. I’m loving her and everything she’s bringing. She’s holding Ramona Singer accountable for her nonsense and she’s proved to hold her own against Luann de Lesseps.

The Real Housewives of New York City Sonja Morgan, Leah McSweeney, Ramona Singer, Eboni K. Williams, Luann de Lesseps

How are we liking Real Housewives of New York so far? Last night, Ramona Singer threw a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed party and we saw the return of Heather “Mama” Thomson. Holla! I love it when they bring back former cast members. It also looks like Leah McSweeney and LuAnn de Lesseps love it too, because they were eager to give Heather a hard time for alleging that Sonja Morgan and Lu are into “strong drugs.”

Meanwhile, Eboni K. Williams showed she can hold her own and appears to be sensible and sweet towards anyone going through a hard time. Overall, Eboni is proving herself to be a great new edition to RHONY, which is important because the cast has gone through some major shakeups the last few seasons. Tinsley Mortimer left to marry Scott Kluth. Unfortunately, we know how that turned out. But the biggest blow was Dorinda Medley getting the boot. Say what you might about Dorinda, but her absence has left a gaping hole, which begs the question – are five Housewives enough to sustain a whole season?

Sonja Morgan Won’t Vote For Barbara Kavovit For NYC Mayor, Wants A Mayor Who’s Not In It For “Money Or The Book Deal”

Miss Morgan always provides the comic relief RHONY viewers need. Whether she’s paling around with her BFF the Ramonacoaster or talking about poop, she’s a fan-favorite on the show. Her reputation is definitely much shinier than Ramona’s, even if the two do get in a good deal of trouble together.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

There are a lot of changes coming up for Season 13 of Real Housewives of New York. Tinsley Mortimer left the show during last season to move to Chicago to be with her boyfriend, Scott Kluth. Scott announced in March of 2021 that he ended his engagement to Tinsley. Tinsley won’t be back this season, but Eboni K. Williams is joining as the franchise’s first Black Housewife. I am excited!

RHONY also bid farewell to Dorinda Medley, who announced that she was leaving in August of 2020. Dorinda and Ramona Singer argued a lot during Season 12, but that is nothing new. There were rumors that Dorinda was actually fired because of her angry outbursts. I must admit that I am going to miss Dorinda “making it nice” at her home in the Bezerkshires.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

As the weather is finally warming up, so is our Bravo lineup with new seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives of Potomac and Real Housewives of New York returning to our screens in the coming months. First up on the list is RHONY, premiering May 4. Dorinda Medley is out, at least for nowEboni K. Williams is in. And Heather Thomson and Bernshan Shaw will be joining as friends-of ready to stir the pot and maybe piss off Leah McSweeny in the process.

We’ve already gotten our first RHONY trailer filled with plenty of booze, fights and drama. Leah is headed into her first sober season. Ramona Singer is forced, thanks to Eboni, to confront her problematic comments and attitude. Sonja Morgan brings the funnies as always. And LuAnn de Lesseps has a new man, well, for a little while. 

Bethenny Frankel

If you are a die-hard fan of the Real Housewives of New York, you got whiplash from all of the news surrounding the cast this week. Tinsley Mortimer and Scott Kluth called off their engagement, and she might be eyeing a RHONY return. The Season 13 trailer dropped. And after 8 years, Bethenny Frankel finalized her divorce from Jason Hoppy and is engaged to Paul Bernon. 

While it could be a coincidence, it was fishy that B’s engagement news broke almost simultaneously with the trailer dropping. Bethenny’s divorce has been so public, why wouldn’t she want the official end to be the same way? Plus, if she is engaged to Paul, she knows that’s the kind of happily ever after news that breaks headlines. So it seems like she was riding the RHONY news wave, and some of her former castmates think so too.