Cynthia Bailey Thinks The RHOA Ladies Are Making A Mockery Of Kenya Moore's Marriage

Cynthia Bailey Thinks The RHOA Ladies Are Making A Mockery Of Kenya Moore’s Marriage

Cynthia Bailey’s relevance on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta has always been somewhat questionable, but this season it appears that she’s taking on the role of Kenya Moore’s #1 defender. She explains in her blog why she thinks her cast mates are being unfair to Kenya about her “secret” marriage to Marc Daly, and why she also empathizes with Porsha Williams.

Cynthia reflects on why she felt compelled to comfort Porsha on the trolley in San Fran, even if she didn’t quite understand what her tears were all about. She explains, “It was on my heart to have a one on one with Porsha on the trolley in San Francisco because I felt compelled to try to help her get to a place of being open to listening and receiving some of the issues that some of the ladies were having with her, and not be defensive or feel attacked.”

Since she has her own history of sparring with NeNe Leakes (um, who doesn’t?!), Cynthia feels like she can act as peacemaker between NeNe and Porsha. She offers, “I also had a similar conversation with NeNe. After the confrontation between her and NeNe, I attempted to get both of the ladies in an open minded and peaceful frame of mind to talk, be cordial, and move on. My goal was to assist in resolving the situation without getting too involved or over stepping, because only NeNe and Porsha truly know what broke down their friendship and how deep the wounds are.”

Well, maybe only NeNe and Porsha know what their real issues are – but Marlo Hampton is the one who knows when to grab a runaway bun! She also knows how to stir the pot when it comes to the strange secrecy surrounding Kenya’s marriage.

Cynthia was glad that Kenya had enough of a sense of humor to go along with the fake wedding the ladies threw for her in the hotel, but admits, “I would have not wanted to be involved and would have definitely told Kenya, because I wouldn’t want her to be blindsided. So yes, the ladies were 100 percent right to leave me out of it. Thank goodness Kenya has a great sense of humor and just laughed and went with it. I was excited to finally be her bridesmaid! The wedding was hilarious and everyone had a great time.”

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But when Marlo asked the group whether they thought Kenya’s marriage to the actual 3-dimensional Marc was indeed legit, Cynthia became immediately uncomfortable. She describes her feelings in her blog: “I decided to walk out of the dinner when the ladies were talking about Kenya’s wedding, because I felt like it was going in a negative direction and being made a mockery of – all behind her back. Even after Kenya was a good sport about the fake wedding they threw her!”

“I was being asked a lot questions about Kenya’s wedding and new husband that I didn’t have answers to,” continues Cynthia, “Questions that only Kenya could answer. I got upset and emotional. Not to mention that Kenya had just literally left us to go bury her grandmother, the only mother that she has ever known. I felt like it was just too much, and in poor taste.”

Whether in poor taste or not, the RHOA ladies are nowhere near done with this Kenya storyline. Let’s not forget Kim Zolciak, who wasn’t even on the trip, is likely already planning her next attack!


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