Cynthia Bailey Explains Her Emotional Reaction When Marlo Hampton Questioned Kenya Moore’s Marriage

The friendship between Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore has come a long way since Kenya critiqued some model’s “coochie crack” at a casting session for the Bailey Agency during her first season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. These two did not hit it off immediately, but then they became very close friends- not “best friends” as Cynthia pointed out during the cast trip to Puerto Rico, but good friends.

Now Cynthia is sticking up for Kenya more than she ever has and she even walked out of the room when Marlo Hampton started to question the validity of Kenya’s marriage. Cynthia explained why she got so emotional during that cast trip and more during her latest appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Even the biggest Kenya haters had to feel some sadness for her after the death of her grandmother hit her so hard. Cynthia explained why she walked out when Marlo brought up Kenya’s marriage, “I will say this. I’m so here for Kenya. At this time her grandmother just passed and her grandmother is like her mom. It was a really hard time for her and I was the only one doing those things for her just talking with her and being there for her during that time, so I was a little sensitive and protective of Kenya.”

It’s so tough to be on NeNe Leakes’ bad side and this is something Cynthia knows all too well. They went from best friends to enemies and these days they’ve been friends for a while. A caller asked Cynthia, “Given how NeNe has said things about you in the press in the past, do you think Porsha [Williams] has the right to be mad at NeNe?” As per usual, Cynthia was very diplomatic with her answer: “Do I think Porsha has the right to be mad at NeNe.? It’s two different situations.” She added, “It’s not about me. It’s about Porsha and NeNe. They’re going through their stuff.” So it’s very unclear what Cynthia thinks about this one, but it is clear that she doesn’t want to be on the outs with either Housewife. Or any of her costars for that matter.

Another fan asked Cynthia if she thought Kandi Burruss would ever forgive Porsha– as if this is a typical Housewives disagreement and Kandi isn’t upset at Porsha for for spreading rumors that Kandi wanted to drug and rape her last year. Cynthia said, “Not any time soon, but I think in time she will. She’s going through a process and it was a lot. I just feel like you can’t rush forgiveness.” Why would Kandi want to be friends with Porsha after that? Obviously they have to work together so it’s better for things to be pleasant, but Kandi has been way nicer to Porsha this season than she deserves. What else does she want at this point?

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Photo Credit: Instagram/BravoWWHL