Kenya Moore laughs at her fake wedding

Kenya Moore Thinks It Was “Shameful And Disgusting” For Women To Question Her Marriage On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

After years of being the odd one out on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore finally found some compassion from the cast when she was grieving the loss of her grandmother, the only mother figure she’s ever known. As soon as Kenya left the cast trip to San Francisco to be with her family, she became the topic of conversation among the cast.

Leave it to Marlo Hampton to stir shit up bring up Kenya’s marriage and field the group for their opinions about whether not she is actually married. Kenya’s closest friend in the cast, Cynthia Bailey, was visibly uncomfortable with the gossip and she walked out of the dinner.

In her Bravo blog post, Kenya joked about the fake wedding her costars (and Marlo) threw for her: “I would have preferred a nice bridal shower instead! And I didn’t get any wedding gifts! Seriously though, I thought it was really funny and I appreciated that they tried to make me laugh.” Maybe if she invited people to the wedding or gave them notice, she would have received gifts and/or a bridal shower.

Marlo really is the straw that stirs the drink, isn’t she? She is the one who decided to throw that cardboard wedding for Kenya and she’s the one who declared “let’s play a game” before she questioned Kenya’s marriage. All of that and she’s never held a peach in the opening credits.

Without naming names, Kenya wrote, “What they said and did was shameful and disgusting! I barely had one foot out the door before they tried to tear me down.” It’s as if they were scared to come for each other, so they just talked shit about the one person who wasn’t there. Real bad bitches right there- cue my eye roll.

Kenya insisted, “I’m married! I’m happy and I’m in love!” She also claimed, “These women can be so hateful. They don’t want me to have any friends; they scrutinize and tear down any man or relationship I’ve had. It really shouldn’t surprise me the depths they will go to humiliate me.” She added, “But knowing I was in mourning and going off to bury the only mother I have ever known hit an all-time low.”

One person who definitely had Kenya’s back was her girl Cynthia. Kenya remarked, “The measure of a true friend is not what they say about you in your presence, rather, what they say about you in your absence.”

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