Kenya Moore laughs at her fake wedding

If you thought that the Real Housewives of Atlanta story lines were dramatic, there’s even more going on behind the scenes, especially when it comes to Kenya Moore’s surprise marriage to Marc Daly. At first she refused to film with her new husband. She wouldn’t even share his name during the first few episodes this season and Kim Zolciak is not the only one who is fed up with all the secrecy – allegedly.

Apparently the production team has taken major umbrage with Kenya’s refusal to open up about her marriage on the show. Is the frustration enough for Kenya to lose her peach? It just might be.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Kenya “was going to be fired at the end of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season.” So what does that mean: “was”? Is she fired or not?

An “inside source” alleges that Kenya‘s contract will not be renewed at the end of the season.

According to the report, “No one thinks Kenya has ever told the truth of her personal life. There is nothing going on. Normal people got married, had children, and shared it all with producers on the show.” There are actually plenty of Housewives who have lied and/or hidden their lives, so it’s not like Kenya is the first one to keep a major story line off of the show. Am I cool with it? No. I’m overly invested and need to see as much as I can.

That same source says, “This is Bravo’s #1 show and the producers don’t have access to the story. That doesn’t work.” It really doesn’t. Maybe Kenya will be able to turn things around and get Marc in front of the camera to save her spot on the show.

Aside from disappointment in Kenya‘s lack of openness, she (allegedly) disappointed production and got fined $25,000 for it. A production source shared, “Kenya told us she didn’t tell her Dad that she got married. But she wouldn’t do it on camera. All she would give us was one scene where she spoke on the phone to her dad and we filmed it way later. It wasn’t really when she told him. She just refused to do anything with him about it and we have deadlines to meet. So, since we couldn’t have anything but the car scene in there she lost half and episode’s pay, which was $25,000.”

Damn. That’s harsh, but I guess that’s why Atlanta is the Housewives show that consistently delivers. Maybe the production teams on the other shows should take this approach.

That wasn’t the only time when Kenya was (supposedly) fined though. She got banned from the cast trip to Spain since the “producers were so furious” with her the day before the ladies left. So this means that she won’t get paid for the two episodes focused around the trip and she’s out $100,000, bringing her (alleged) fines to $125,000.

It gets worse though. Production is supposedly doubting Kenya‘s sincerity about starting a family. According to the report, “Unless something compelling changes (and they think the IVF efforts are only for a storyline) she is not coming back at the end of the season.” I would love to know who this “source” is because this is damning information.

Aside from this article, anyone who follows Kenya‘s latest enemy Kim Zolciak on Twitter has seen her incessant posts about Kenya (allegedly) getting fired.

On October 31, Kim tweeted, “Well she should worry about finding a job instead!! Meanwhile Don’t Be Tardy is the #1 unscripted show on cable in its time period!!” On November 26, Kim posted, “Sweetie I’ve been married 6 yrs move on. BUT you call your man ‘baby’ to try and be like me, you have a white Bentley that I had YEARS ago to be like me! Remember Sweetie I’m on 2 shows and you aren’t even on one!! #Fired”

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