Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump

Even though they’ve been through a lot throughout on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards have had a pretty steady (and loyal) relationship for the past couple seasons. As the only original cast members left on the show, it make sense that they would stick together.

Unfortunately, that is not what we will see when RHOBH returns for Season 8. Both OG’s discuss the strain on their friendship and where they stand today.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lisa described the upcoming episodes as “tumultuous,” which sounds interesting for the viewers even though it’s obviously negative for LVP.

The news of friendship woes between Lisa and Kyle isn’t too shocking ever since the Season 8 trailer was released. At one point, Kyle tells Lisa “You didn’t like that it wasn’t about you for a minute.” Erika Girardi remarks, “This whole thing boils down to three bitches that are competitive over friendship,” right before a clip with Lisa’s car pulling away from Dorit Kemsley and Kyle as she tells them, “I’m going home to my husband who would rather spend time with me tonight than you would.”

Lisa did admit “Normally I have my cool, and I kind of lost it that day. ” Kyle shared,” It was so out of character for her to let her guard down like that, that’s why my mouth was literally hanging open.”

The Entertainment Weekly article says “things take a turn about halfway through the season.” Considering that this article comes across as a joint interview, I’m not too worried about the state of their friendship.

Lisa explained, “You know, we have a great relationship, but like any relationship, it has its problems. Like any marriage, or you know, partnership in life or business, you have your struggles, but then you come through it. I think what we have supersedes, you know, the negativity.” Kyle said, “I love Lisa.” She also pointed out, “I mean, Lisa and I, obviously, we’re very close. We’re the closest of the bunch and I could never do the show without her. You know, we keep it fun.” So it’s all good these days, but there are some bumps along the way- but what was the issue? Are Kyle and Lisa in a love triangle with Dorit over friendship?

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[Photo Credit: Bravo TV]

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