Faith confesses cheating on Jax

Faith Stowers Denies Being Friends With Brittany Cartwright; Doesn’t Feel Bad About Sleeping With Jax Taylor

I have no idea why Faith Stowers would go out of her way to be a villain on Vanderpump Rules, but that’s what she’s done and she’s not even a bad girl with laugh-worthy shade and cutting one-liners. She slept with Jax Taylor while he was still dating the saint of SUR (and the most likable person in the cast) Brittany Cartwright.

Not only was Brittany devastated to learn that her boyfriend cheated on her (in a very public manner), but she couldn’t believe that the woman Jax slept with was one of her friends. Now Faith is denying that she was ever friends with Brittany and she’s made it clear that she has zero sympathy for Brittany.

Faith went from being a glorified extra to enemy number two (Jax is still on many people’s shit list for hurting Brittany) on Vanderpump Rules. She slept with Jax and waited until Season 6 started shooting to reveal the hookup and the news that she allegedly missed her period. The thirst was too real. Faith was straight up dehydrated in her search for screen time and now she’s doing interviews about the scandal.

Faith told Us Weekly, “I don’t owe Brittany anything, I’m not Brittany’s friend.” Really? Then why did every single person on the cast get a completely different impression?

She continued, “Brittany doesn’t even text me back. I mean, I’m confused.” Why would Brittany ever text her back? Faith slept with Brittany’s boyfriend while a senior citizen was asleep in the same room. The whole situation was beyond grimy.

Faith wasn’t done looking for the limelight sharing her story. She also says that Jax and Brittany previously wanted to have a threesome with her. She told Us Weekly, “The only reason why you text me in the beginning was cause you wanted a threesome.”

Faith said, “I was like laughing, ‘LOL, you guys are hilarious. Brittany’s pretty cute though.’ I’m kind of flirting with the idea, but I’m not serious,” She added. “I think that’s what pushed the envelope for him. OK now I’m bringing up threesomes, here we go.”

Get ready to vomit. It gets even more ridiculous. Faith claims that she “actually liked” Jax and she described their relationship as “very intimate.”

She explains that she got offended when Jax denied hooking up with her during the season premiere episode: “I actually liked Jax, like I actually appreciated his time, and so it was the fact that he lied to my face.” How can she be surprised that someone who lied to his actual girlfriend was lying to the girl he cheated on her with? Seriously, Faith?

Faith alleged, “This kid was almost in tears laying in my bed, talking about this girl, saying he was done with her and he felt trapped. But lie to my face at a party?” No one cares that Jax lied to your face, Faith. The only person anyone cares about in this scenario is Brittany.

She claimed, “It was almost like he really, really needed this.It was … you could just tell, ’cause even when during the intercourse, it was very intimate, it was like … he just, I don’t know. He was in a whole other world, he was just so excited. I don’t know. I was into it, cause I liked him, I could tell he was more into it than I was. If that makes any sense.” This is just too much.

Faith didn’t limit the shit talking to that interview though. She tweeted, “Ok so Britney can threaten to stab me if she saw me “which we all know that would end badly for her if she ever touched me but can go have sex with a cheating man the following day he cheats …. this is twisted !”

Faith does have at least one person in her corner. Someone tweeted, “Brittany is one of those dumb bitches who will always take him back….and it will ALWAYS be the other woman’s fault.” Faith retweeted the post and even responded with, “Amen.”

She even made it a point to tell Us Weekly, “I’m assuming the man is STD free, because I don’t have anything.” That’s correct. She really doesn’t have anything: dignity, loyalty, honesty…. a Vanderpump Rules paycheck. But hey, that’s all well and good since she is STD free.

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