Jax Taylor Says He & Brittany Cartwright Are In A Good Place & He Only Slept With Faith Stowers Once; Brittany’s Mom Sherri Cartwright Questions Jax’s Ability To Be Faithful

We are only two episodes into this season of Vanderpump Rules and it looks like it might be the toughest one yet for Jax Taylor. Yes, after five seasons of debauchery, he has completely outdone himself by cheating on the sweetheart of SUR, Brittany Cartwright. That’s right, Jax didn’t take a whole season to admit it this time. So that’s some progress…. Well, not really, but in this case it is.

When Jax stopped by the Bravo clubhouse for the latest Watch What Happens Live episode, Andy Cohen shared, “Jax just told me he’s never been more nervous to be on this show.” And he was so right. Jax was visibly uncomfortable for the entire episode.

Andy never goes easy on Jax when he’s in the clubhouse and he was really going in on Jax last night. He made the drinking word “Faith” in honor of Jax’s tryst with Faith Stowers in front of a senior citizen. Andy even said, “Indulge in a drink because like Jax, every day is your cheat day.” Ouch, but then again, everyone loves Brittany, so we are all vicariously hurting over this one.

Jax told Andy, “I’m a self-sabotager. Every relationship I’m in, I figure out a way to sabotage it.” We are all well-aware of this, but it just is sad to see Brittany suffer the consequences.

During the episode Brittany asked Jax if he had sex with Faith in their bed and Jax insisted, “Not in the bed though.” Jax also insisted, “It was once. I promise you.”

Andy polled the audience asking if Jax deserves Brittany and 97% of the audience said “no,” which isn’t shocking, but they are still together these days so it will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

The episode got even more awkward for Jax when Andy said, “Guess what? Brittany’s mom just tweeted something at you. Let’s put that on the screen and see what she had to say. Jax what makes you think you can be faithful to my daughter now? That’s a great question, Sherri Cartwright.”

To say that Jax was caught off guard by that would be a major understatement. Jax said, “It has been seven months since this happened. We are working through it. It’s a work in progress. I love her very much.”

Andy couldn’t help asking, “Have you been faithful during those seven months?” Jax said, “Yes. Absolutely. I think our relationship is stronger now than it’s ever actually ever been. We are actually in a good place, but obviously it’s going to take some time to build trust back for her. It’s a work in progress, but we both love each other and are making it work. At the end of the day, this is Brittany and I’s relationship.”

Andy wasn’t done though. He told him, “I’ve heard that work in progress speech a few times from you, Jax.” Jax said, “It is. I am. I lay it out there. I am a work in progress. I kind of wear it around my neck.”

Jax also addressed the presence of the senior citizen that Faith (was supposed to be) caring for while they did the deed. Jax clarified, “It was not in her bedroom. I didn’t even know that. I didn’t notice. I didn’t even know any of that to be honest.”

Jax later admitted, “I think in the beginning I was taking Brittany for granted. I don’t think I appreciated her as much as I do. I’ve been going to therapy again.”

He also said, “She’s the most amazing girl I’ve ever had in my life. She’s amazing. She’s beautiful. I want to spend every day with her. We’re in a great place right now. I hope it stays that way, but it’s a work in progress. Nobody’s perfect. My life just happens to be on TV.” Yeah, but why cheat on her with one of her “friends”?

He once again threw out the “work in progress” phrase when he said, “I’m trying to just be a better boyfriend and be a better person. A work in progress.”

Clearly things are going a lot better than they were a few months ago since Jax confirmed that he will be with Brittany’s family for Christmas this year. He also said, “I was just there two weeks ago. You gotta remember it was seven months ago. Everybody knows.” Now this would actually be a good reality show: filming Jax around the Cartwright family post-cheating.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/BravoWWHL