Kenya Moore Planning Another 2018 Wedding To Marc Daly; Says Cynthia Bailey Will Be Her Bridesmaid

Given the incessant side-eyeing Kenya Moore’s received over her “secret” nuptials to restauranteur Marc Daly, the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star thinks she has something to prove. And apparently, prove it she will – in a second wedding to Marc slated for 2018! Yup. Kenya will be technically renewing her vows only one year into the marriage. It’s a new Housewives record, people! (And we all know how well multiple weddings/vow renewals go for our beloved Bravolebrities. See: Shannon Beador.)

Kenya shares her appreciation for her phantom husband during the tough time of her grandmother’s passing. She reflects, “It was just a few weeks since Marc actually met my grandmother in Detroit and she smiled so big when she met him. I knew she was happy that I finally had someone to share my life with.”

Kenya admits that her grandmother’s passing was expected, but obviously painful. She remembers, “Once my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s condition worsened, I was always nervous to get calls from my Aunt Lisa who is her daughter that I was raised with. I was with Marc when I got the phone call. I always measured the sound of her ‘hello’ first. When she called that day I knew it was ‘the call.'”

Despite only seeing him on the weekends, Kenya claims that Marc was her rock during her time of grieving. “I was so grateful to be with him in that moment. It was only two months into our marriage to deal with something so devastating but he was supportive, loving, and kind. Most of all he was there in every way he could be.”

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Turning her attention to Cynthia Bailey next, Kenya says she understands why her friend was upset to not be at her wedding. “Cynthia has every right to be upset,” she shares, “I feel badly for her being one of my best friends and for the other people in my life that are so close to me that could not witness my wedding day. Imagine how my own father feels? He didn’t get to walk his first daughter down the aisle I never want to hurt anyone who cares about me.”

So – how does one solve the problem of everyone resenting your secret wedding? Throw ANOTHER wedding, of course! Kenya announces, “We will be planning a big wedding in the summer of 2018 so all of our closest friends can celebrate with us and Miss Bailey will definitely be Mrs. Daly’s bridesmaid.” Mmm hmm. I’ll just be sipping my tea over here, waiting on that 2018 wedding…

Since she knows what it’s like to be questioned about her relationships, Kenya offers Sheree Whitfield words of support regarding her prison boyfriend. She notes in her blog, “I know how it feels to initially keep something special private because miserable and judgmental people really don’t want to see you happy. She’s in love with a convicted man who is still incarcerated. I’m certain she was afraid of their negative opinions. But clearly, Sheree is in love and no longer concerned about what people think. Good for her! If she’s happy, I’m happy!”


Photo Credit: Bravo