Kim Zolciak Thinks Cynthia Bailey Is A Puppet Who Follows Anybody

Even though Kim Zolciak is just making cameo appearances on Real Housewives of Atlanta, she is definitely earning those paychecks. She is stirring up the drama every single time she appears. At this point in the season, Kim’s main nemesis is Kenya Moore – a total reach considering the source of their beef is Kenya walking into Sheree Whitfield’s unfinished basement.

Everyone who follows the RHOA drama in the off-season knows that Kim is at odds with NeNe Leakes again, but during the last Watch What Happens Live episode, Kim threw some major shade at Cynthia Bailey – of all people. She is doing the most for those extra checks, which is a lot more than some of the full-time cast members can say.

Anderson Cooper was on Watch What Happens Live and he couldn’t help asking Kim, “Why do you hate Kenya so much?” Kim admitted, “I don’t even know her, but when I was at Sheree’s housewarming party, I said, ‘Don’t walk around somebody’s house, the basement is not finished, it’s not your place.’ And she was like ‘Why don’t you worry about your husband getting a job?’ And it all blew up.” That is one of the lamest reasons to strongly dislike someone.

Andy Cohen asked Kim, “What was your reaction to NeNe saying you egged Kenya on?” Kim said, “You’re seeing ten minutes of a hour party. We were talking smack in the kitchen a little bit.” Andy said, “If you were talking smack in the kitchen, I’m wondering why we didn’t show it.” Probably because it didn’t happen. Kim told him, “You should show it.” If that actually happened, I would love to see it.

During a game, Andy asked Kim, “Can you let it go that Kenya said you have six kids by three different people?” Kim hit the newlywed where it hurts and said, “No, it’s none of her business. She can’t even have one.” Damn. I’m expecting social media shade from Kenya in 5…4…3…2…1….

One person that Kim actually does like on RHOA is her girl Sheree. A caller asked Kim, “What do you think about Sheree’s boyfriend being in prison and maybe being a con-man?” Kim said, “Well, I look at it this way: Sheree’s a very closed off person after all the stuff that she’s been through. I’ve been friends with Sheree for almost fifteen years so I know her prior to all the madness that she went through with her ex husband. So for Sheree to be able to open up and trust somebody, it just took somebody that she can connect with kind of more emotionally than somebody always trying to sexually approach her.”

And then Kim was basically forced into shading Cynthia when she was asked, “Do you agree with NeNe and think that Cynthia just follows Kenya’s orders?” Kim said, “Cynthia follows anybody. She’s like a puppet. Cynthia is just so beautiful that she should just smile and not speak.” Kim tried to save that answer with a pseudo-compliment at the end, but it didn’t quite work out.

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Photo Credit: Bravo