Katie Maloney Says “There’s No Such Thing As Happily Ever After” And Why She Forgave Tom Schwartz After His Drunken Cheating

Katie Maloney is once again being embarrassed on national TV by Tom Schwartzs lack of commitment. Most of us might give up the ghost to Tom Sandoval, but not our girl Katie – she is hanging on til her dying day. After all, til death do them part, right?!

After bragging that the first year of marriage was “bliss” the Vanderpump Rules star got a reality check (and not the kind signed by Bravo!) when she learned Tom 2 had a drunken make-out with another SUR hostess. Oops! Tom blamed the Jagger, and Katie admits she still hasn’t fully dealt with “having this bomb dropped on me.” I mean it took her how many years to deal with Tom 2’s first cheating episode? Which is exactly Katie’s biggest issue with Tom’s latest betrayal. 

“I was really devastated. It was really hurtful,” Katie admits. “It was just disappointing that we had been in such a good place. I mean, we went to hell and back before we got married, and essentially we’d had to burn our relationship to the ground, and once we had gotten married we’d really recommitted and were on such a good path together that I just would never have expected to hear that.”

The worst part was learning that Tom was calling his make-out cheat “Bubba.” Katie believes, “this girl was really trying to make it seem like he was falling in love with her or something. Like, there are times when Tom gets drunk and he’ll call other people Bubba. But that really is our name for each other. For this girl to insinuate that he was mistaking her for me or that he was, you know … that’s what grossed me out.”

Katie tells US Weekly that Tom’s reaction “of bafflement” about the accusations left her confused, but kind of gives him a pass. “When I saw him, I’m like, ‘Dude, I don’t think he remembers this. I genuinely don’t think he remembers this.’ But that doesn’t make it OK, or an excuse but I don’t think he could admit any guilt, because he couldn’t remember it.”

“Still, to this day, he does not recall anything and could not even pick this girl out of a crowd,” Katie insists.

Due to his drunken delirium, Katie is giving Tom another chance. Of course she is. She’s also worried about his safety if this behavior continues.

“I don’t think cheating is OK. I don’t condone it. I don’t recommend it, but I think it’s something that unfortunately happens even to the best people. But, I think if you have a realistic outlook on just the unfortunate things that happen, you know, there’s no such thing as happily ever after,” Katie accepts. “So, I think as much as it’s not easy to deal with, I think it’s something that is realistic and if you can be open to that, I think you can handle it better. But it’s not about OKing it and just slapping the wrist. It’s discretion that obviously lasts for some time. But that’s just how I do it.” Um, I’m not sure if that’s a mature outlook, or a desperate one?

Can we just be done with cheating stories already? Enough is enough!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]


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