Jax Taylor Defends Lying About Tom Schwartz Cheating On Katie Maloney!

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Jax Taylor started rumors about his friend Tom Schwartz cheating on his girlfriend, but now he’s annoyed that no one understands he was trying to help. He just wants Tom 2 to be happy, and to be free, and single and he knows that poor Tom 2 gets anxiety and doesn’t have the manly parts to breakup with Katie Maloney on his own! 

But Jax has another reason for spilling rumors – he’s totally tired of being the only person on Vanderpump Rules called out for cheating. You guys, he’s not the only villain on this show and it’s high time we all know the truth. When the word “truth” is used in the same sentence as Jax’s name, does some thing explode out there in the universe that none of us can see? 

“It’s so great that finally other people are cheating. It’s not just me anymore! I’m always this villain — but everything that I’ve done, they’ve all done,” Jax gloats.


“Yet I’m always looked at like the bad person. Of course I’m not going to sit there and say ‘ha ha ha,’ now that Tom and Katie are in my shoes,” Jax continues. “But it’s like they preach this game — and they all have done what I’ve done. They just hide it better than I do, I guess. You’re going to see how this all plays out.” 

It’s not like Jax was trying to be mean, he loves Katie, he really does – he just knows that Tom 2 and Katie are doomed, because he really, really loves Tom 2! And for that, Jax feels what he thinks is a modicum of remorse, because sociopaths don’t really feel remorse

“I do feel bad. I’ve lived this. I know what it’s like. It’s not a good feeling. And to be in these situations, I wish I didn’t know the things I do,” Jax continues. “I’m the type of person that some times lets things slip that I shouldn’t let slip, hence Miami which I probably shouldn’t have opened my mouth about it. But I wasn’t there. I didn’t see anything. This is all just hearsay.” 

Jax says he was just trying to help his good friend Tom 2 out by helping him rip the band-aid off of a relationship that has gone “stale.” Apparently Tom is too timid to call things off himself. “He doesn’t like to get into drama situations,” Jax explains. “He gets nervous, so I think for him, to make such a drastic change in his life, he would rather just sweep it under the rug.” 

According to Dr. Jaxhole breaking up is best for Katie, who will wind up turning into an old crone waiting for Tom to propose. “They’re in two different places. She’s not getting any younger.”

“I think that if Tom doesn’t want these things, he should say, ‘I love you, but I need to do my thing, and I know you’re ready to get engaged, get married, and have kids so you need to figure that out.’ I think they’re at that point,” Jax says. “Katie just needs some kind of assurance that he wants to get married because she feels like she’s wasting her time.”

Well, after that illuminating education about how to have a healthy relationship, you’re in for more Jax, because tonight is a new episode of Vanderpump Rules. SUR gets a new waitress and Jax cannot wait to get her into bed – despite Lisa Vanderpump‘s warnings. Kristen continues to obsess about Tom 1, which pisses her new perfect boyfriend James off. And Stassi struggles to understand how Tom 2 can be friends with Jax after all the lies. 

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[Photo Credit: Brian To/WENN.com]