Teddi Mellencamp is unsettled by Erika

At this point in the season, watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feels like Groundhog Day. The same thing happens every single episode: Dorit Kemsley acts like she wants to move forward, but in reality she is either talking about Lisa Rinna or looking for another excuse to mention her name. The viewers are ready for some new drama to occur instead of rehashing all of the nonsense from previous seasons.

The newest Housewife Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave doesn’t understand why Rinna’s name is always in Dorit’s mouth. Personally, I think it’s annoying and desperate to mention Rinna in every single scene. On the other hand, I’m impressed that Dorit has managed to talk shit about Rinna in all of the episodes this season in between showing off her glam squad, acting like she hasn’t seen her children in years every time they walk into the room, and trying to convince the audience that she can cook. That just sounds so tired to me.

And that’s exactly how I feel watching this show every Tuesday night: tired. Something actually needs to happen and it needs to go down as soon as possible. I’m not here for another season of Real Housewives of Boring Hills.

In a post on her Bravo blog, Teddi joked, “During lunch, we again talk about everybody’s favorite subject: horses.” I would be wasted if I took a sip of drink every time these women mentioned horses in an episode. I don’t watch the show for that. If I wanted to hear about horses, I would tune into Animal Planet.

Teddi continued, “Just kidding, it’s Lisa Rinna! I get the history here, but man, where is Idina Menzel when you need her. At this point I’m starting to get the niggling feeling that Dorit is never going to let it go.”

Thank you, Teddi. Dorit really does need to “let it go.” I’m all for her feuding with Lisa Rinna, but if she could just find something else to be mad about that would be great. I just need some new material to sustain me.

Teddi wrote, “I like her but damn if the smack talking doesn’t become exhausting. Apparently it’s boring that I’m okay with everybody at this point, but I think I’d rather be boring than talking just to hear myself talk.” If that’s the case, then she might be on the wrong show. These women love to hear themselves talk.

She teased, “In the end, am I foreshadowing when I declare that I’m sure one of these women will turn on me soon enough? I think I was kidding, but isn’t there always some truth to every joke.” Let’s hope so. We need something to liven up this season.

Dorit did her best to bring the excitement when she got shit faced at dinner, but instead I got vicarious embarrassment watching her pick on Camille Grammer in front of her man David C. Meyer.

Teddi wrote, “Camille is a brave one for bringing her boyfriend, David, to meet us all at once. He is very sweet—and patient as one can be when Dorit screams that Camille is a fucking c— (never thought I’d be typing those words). It’s a lot to digest when Dorit gets like this, and you can see me actually choke on my sea bass.”

It just made no sense. Did they cut out some pivotal moments in the editing room or was Dorit just shouting insults out of nowhere? Either way, it’s safe to assume that most people are on Camille’s side when it comes to this situation.

Teddi concluded with, “Until next week, I’ll be reading Rinnavation! You’re welcome, Edwin [Arroyave].” Seriously I bet the sales of that book have skyrocketed ever since Rinna’s own daughter said she “learned how to give head” by reading her mother’s book.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]