Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Doesn’t Need Anyone Else To “Warn Her” About Lisa Rinna

So far, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave has been warned approximately one hundred and thirty two times about the evils of her cast mate, Lisa Rinna. But The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills newcomer is already growing weary of these “helpful” tips. Between Lisa Vanderpump’s hints that Rinna has more than a little dark history with her, plus PK and Dorit Kemsley’s lengthy diatribe on Rinna’s many accusations against them, Teddi has already heard enough! She is one dinner party away from going all Mommy Dearest on the next person who pulls her aside for a little chat. (No more wire warnings!!!)

Teddi jokes, “Honestly, this group should come with a warning: ‘Warning, there will be multiple warnings!'” She’s cool with Rinna thus far, and “wanted to make my own assessment. I find her to be funny and enjoyable. And after telling me her daughter used to ride, I figure I’d invite her to a horse show of mine with Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit. Hopefully she doesn’t accuse anybody of doing coke in the porta-potty.” HA!

Despite the thick tension between Rinna and Dorit, Teddi claims to have enjoyed Dorit’s birthday party – awkward moment with Erika Girardi and all! “Dorit’s birthday dinner was full of precious moments: Jagger’s entrance in his perfect white suit, Lisa Rinna’s impromptu “speech” and Edwin’s tale of his golden days as a background dancer with eyebrows thinner than his white, tight tank top. Not so precious: the moment when I awkwardly try to clear the air with Erika regarding Vegas, and she says she doesn’t remember anything— I guess that includes calling herself an —hole.”

Horses are a big part of Teddi’s life, and she jokes in her blog, “This episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is brought to you by the word ‘horses.'” Her love of horses and her faith in God are bonds Teddi believes she shares with Lisa V. She reflects, “Lisa Vanderpump’s comments on my riding are beyond sweet, and I find myself quickly bonding with her by our mutual love for horses as well as our faith in God. My family attends a wonderful church every Sunday that is open and welcoming and a true representation of Christianity. I feel like it keeps our family bond strong and gives our kids a great sense of community.”

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As sweet as horse riding was, Dorit’s dinner party turned sour the minute they began ragging on Rinna over Moroccan stew lovingly prepared from scratch yeah right my a$$ she cooked that give me a break. After opening up about her IVF struggles and the precarious birth of her second son, Teddi felt comfortable with her hosts. But the mood quickly shifted when the Kemsleys brought up their nemesis, the teller of all alleged coke-in-bathroom tales, blue bunny boomerang recipient, and owner of all things that must be owned – LISA RINNA!

Teddi admits, “At dinner, I am taken aback by Dorit and PK’s tales of Lisa Rinna, especially the use of the word ‘schizophrenic.’ As we saw last week, Dorit and Rinna had agreed to move past this, so I’m unsure as to why it’s being brought up, especially since they just had a nice time together at my horse show, which is basically what I say to them. ‘You wait, babe,’ PK warns me. But as you can see by now, all these warnings don’t scare me.”

Here’s the thing: Rinna simply cannot be the villain every season. It’s grown tiresome and stale. The sooner everyone realizes this, the better, and so far it seems like Teddi’s on the right track.


Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo