vanderpump preview – Kristen Doute Dishes On James Kennedy Regrets And

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute hasn’t worked at SUR in a long time, but the reality star has plenty to dish about her time at the restaurant. In a new game of “never have I ever” with Us Weekly, she spills on SUR, James Kennedy, and more!

Kristen shares what things she has posted on social media and later regretted: “I regret every photo that I’ve ever posted of James Kennedy and myself on Instagram, that I hopefully have been able to go back and delete.” She may have deleted them from Instagram, but she says they’re also saved to Facebook and they love to remind her with the “memory” pop up every so often.

Kristen also dished on some “secrets” (not anymore) about her time at SUR, working for LVP. She revealed to Us Magazine that Jax Taylor wasn’t the only employee swiping items from SUR. On whether she’d stolen anything form SUR: “Oh I have. I think mine and Tom’s entire apartment, like, our cutlery, was mostly SUR restaurant. Maybe a couple glasses too.”

Doute also admits she called in a LOT. “I have called off so many times at SUR because I was hungover until I learned that if I would just go to work and start drinking again, then I wouldn’t be in trouble and I would have a good time” She adds, “Sorry Lisa.” But the one thing she did NOT do at work was hook up. “I have not. I am not as ratchet as Jax Taylor. So cheers to me!”

Viewers know that when it comes to finding out dirt, Kristen is the queen. She reveals that she found a lot of incriminating evidence on Tom Sandoval‘s phone, as well as on James Kennedy‘s. She dished, “When I dated Tom, and when I dated James, I caught them with Uber receipts, text messages, e-mails. Anything in your trash folder, guys. I mean, come on.”  Kristen asserts that she hasn’t snooped through Carter’s phone, “I’ve gone through Carter’s photos. I’ve looked at a couple of texts. But I actually haven’t gone through Carter’s phone.”

Kristen also admits during the game that she has been in handcuffs just once – when she got a DUI at 19.

Tonight is an all new episode of Vanderpump Rules. Join us in the comments to examine every detail and snark through the episode. “Birthday twins and perpetual rivals Stassi and Ariana plan extravagant parties on the same night, but while Ariana shines as the belle of the ball, an embarrassed Stassi runs off in tears. Meanwhile, Schwartz and Sandoval celebrate the approval of TomTom’s permits by writing hefty checks, Lisa punishes Jax for ruining her big night, and Sandoval and Ariana work through their intimacy issues.”


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