Lala Kent lets James have it.

Lala Kent Denies Using The Word “Pasta” As A Code Word For Drugs; Says She Mentioned Pasta To Detract From James Kennedy Gay Rumors

Even with all the (alleged) cheating scandals and clique drama, the most infamous story line from this season of Vanderpump Rules is the pasta-infused argument between Lala Kent and James Kennedy. Things went from zero to one hundred (real quick) when James told Lala and Logan Noh that his girlfriend Raquel Leviss was moving in with him. Then he accused them of not liking his girlfriend and Lala tried to lighten the mood when she mentioned that she and Logan ate Raquel’s pasta while James was DJing at SUR.

James was overly offended by that statement and took things to another level when he told Lala “Honey, you f*ck a fat man because he pays for your rent.” Mentioning, or even just alluding to, Lala’s man (Randall Emmett) is a surefire way to set her off. She stormed out of the restaurant and two of them started screaming at each other on the sidewalk. Over pasta. And the insults about Lala’s relationship, but it did all stem from pasta chatter, so the fans wanted to know if it was really “about the pasta.” Or is there so much more to that story?

After that episode aired and a numerous memes and GIF’s started to circulate with James screaming “It’s not about the pasta,” the Vanderpump Rules fandom grew suspicious that “pasta” was actually a code word for cocaine. In an interview for the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast, Lala opened up about that infamous spat.

Lala explained that she was actually coming from a considerate place when she decided to bring up pasta instead of the James and Logan secret romance rumors.

She said, “James’ main story line was ‘Is he a closeted gay person?’ For me, they wanted me to talk about that story line and I care for James, I care for Logan, I didn’t want to talk about it. It’s none of my business. I know how things like this feel. It happened for me last year when the married man thing kept coming up. It was like, I’m not going to do this to James.” Unlike the other cast members who were salivating at the mouth when this rumor started circulating.

Lala shared, “When I mentioned the pasta, you have to know Raquel and I had a 45-minute conversation that night, a heart to heart, that [Raquel] doesn’t even remember. There was a bowl of pasta that we all were eating.” Again, she emphasizes that it was just pasta.

She said, “I mentioned the plate of food to veer the conversation that we were having when everything went down. I mentioned the food to make it more lighthearted and it went to a different level of going insane on my boyfriend. It was horrible. The pasta scene, as funny as it is now, really was to just lighten the mood of everything because everything was getting very heated between Logan and James.” It was just so confusing to watch, yet I couldn’t help getting invested in whatever it was they were actually fighting about.

I wasn’t the only one who was thrown off by the surprisingly heated exchange. It was tough to believe that these people love their carbohydrates enough to argue over a bowl of pasta. As soon as someone mentioned that it might not actually be about the pasta after all, the rumor spread like wildfire. Lala remarked, “It turned into me bullying her or me using a code word for cocaine, I had never touched that disgusting drug in my entire life. It was the strangest thing that something so simple was turned into a huge thing.”

Aside from the drug rumors (that obviously bothered Lala), the SUR hostess was livid that James brought her man Randall into the conversation. She said, “When I watched James just spew so much hate for someone I love and adore more than anything…It was a disgusting moment for him.”

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