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When a couple divorces, it is expected for them to go through child custody negotiations, but what about friendship custody negotiations? Obviously that’s not a legal matter, but sometimes it can be tough to pick sides when two friends break up. Apparently Kelly Dodd and Michael Dodd are sharing custody of Vicki Gunvalson in the wake of their split.

Based on watching Real Housewives of Orange County, I had no idea that Vicki and Michael had any sort of relationship, but it turns out that Vicki’s man Steve Lodge and Michael have a strong bond. Again, this is something I never picked up on, but now Vicki and Steve are hanging with Michael sans Kelly and they found him a new love interest.

As per usual, Page Six came through with the Housewives scoop from an “insider.” According to this person the romance started up in December when “Vicki FaceTimed with her boyfriend Steve. He and Michael are really good friends and Michael was with him so they waved ‘hi.’ Michael said he was having a rough time, and the women said they felt awful.”

After that FaceTime, Vicki invited Michael and her friend to a dinner party, which doesn’t sound like a coincidence to me. Apparently this woman was friends with Kelly as well. This does not bode well for Vicki, but it does give me hope that we will blessed with some amazing GIFs and memes of Kelly’s reactions. Michael, the “insider” said, “They really hit it off because they both have awful exes.”

Apparently this woman “doesn’t want to be dragged into Kelly’s mess” and I don’t blame her. I would not mess with Kelly. Ever. The source claims, “Vicki’s scared too because she has to film with Kelly”- as she should be. No one wants to fight with Kelly. Kelly has been fiercely loyal to Vicki and has always forgiven Vicki when she’s thrown her under the bus. It should be very interesting to see how Kelly reacts to this setup next season.

It gets even more interesting than Vicki’s (debatable) betrayal. This woman turned down the opportunity to be a Beverly Hills Housewife and now I just want to know who she is.

The article claims “the couple has not gone public with their relationship yet” and that “Kelly has no idea,” but I’m sure that’s not the case- especially now. Her phone is blowing up with links to that Page Six story and screen shots of this woman’s Instagram photos. She is well aware. The “inside source” added that Vicki is the one who told Bravo about Michael’s new relationship- damn. Is that an extremely disloyal move as a friend or is that just go-to procedure for a Real Housewife veteran when a new story line arises?

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[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]

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