Dorit is schooled by Lisa Vanderpump

It was pretty unexpected for Lisa Vanderpump to fall out with Dorit Kemsley. Sure Dorit told everyone in the cast that LVP was insecure because her mother didn’t say “I love you,” but Lisa still wanted to jump in a cab with her after Kyle Richards stood up to Dorit on her behalf.  It seemed like Dorit could do no wrong in Lisa’s eyes. It felt like Dorit had something on Lisa or that Lisa just didn’t want to lose a loyal soldier who’s more than willing to stir the pot for the sake of the show.

When Lisa told Dorit, she loves her “mainly on the strength of loving [her] husband,” it was pretty shocking because who loves PK Kemsley that much? What is Lisa going to miss out on in life if there’s a strain in her relationship with PK? It’s not like she couldn’t buy tickets to a Boy George concert on her own. Does she really want to spend the rest of her life waiting for Dorit to show up for drinks?

In an interview with E!’s Daily Pop, Dorit didn’t shade Lisa or belabor how hurt she was by that comment. She actually defended Lisa’s comments. Dorit said, “Lisa and I have a great friendship, but I’ve only known her a short amount of time compared to how long she’s known my husband—and they go way back. And all of their friends have known each other for, like, 30 years.” She stated, “So, they have a very different relationship and friendship.”

Dorit continued, “I came into my friendship with her because of my husband. So, I completely understand.” She even emphasized, “I love her,” and concluded with, “She’s a very, very dear friend of mine.” No matter what their friendship is based on, apparently they’re both cool with it. So it’s safe to assume that these two will be sitting on the same couch at the reunion this season.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]