Dorit Kemsley

As irritating as Dorit Kemsley has been this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she is the driving force behind almost every interesting story line. I have no idea why she would try so hard to stir the pot since it really isn’t a good look for her, but apparently she doesn’t even care. Ultimately, I bet that none of the other cast members are too bothered by it since anyone she offends always ends up on the “right” side of history and curries favor with the viewers.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Dorit joked about losing every viewer poll and shared her perspective on her love friendship triangle with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards.

At the start of the episode, Andy Cohen pointed out, “You caused a frenzy on Twitter recently. You posted a picture. Do you have six toes?” I hate to admit this, but I was hoping this photo would get brought up. I just couldn’t “unsee” that photo. Nevertheless, Dorit answered, “No.” Andy continued to cite the Instagram post as evidence, but Dorit insisted, “I know. It’s like this weird shadow that was cast. I’m happy to take off my shoes.” Of course, Andy didn’t object to that move and the camera zoomed in on her FIVE toes.

Andy mentioned another criticism that has made the rounds on social media: “People were noticing that you fill your tea kettle from the spout. People are very upset. They’re just looking for things to be pissed at you about.” Dorit responded with, “I mean honestly at this point. You know what, I was at Teddi’s [Mellencamp Arroyave] house. I made the mistake of ever mentioning anything at one of her parties. I wasn’t about to ask for bottled water to fill the tea kettle.” Clearly that one went way over her head. No one is concerned about her source of water. It is about where she was filling the kettle. Now I just want to know if Dorit is an avid tea drinker and if that’s the case, I would love to know if she exclusively sips on tea brewed with bottled water.

Andy was really speaking his mind last night. He told Dorit, “It looks like you gave Vanderpump about 70% of what you said the table.” Dorit told him, “Well, you only saw a two minute clip. I mean we did have an entire walk in the park.” Fair enough, but the poll results are pretty telling. 94% of voters felt that Vanderpump should be mad at Dorit for what went down.

Andy told Dorit, “You lose every poll on this show.” Surprisingly enough, Dorit wasn’t even offended by that statement. She just took it in stride and admitted, “I know. Oh my god. Like 99%. 1%, I love you, wherever you are.” At least she has a sense of humor about something.

This was a very poll-heavy episode. 80% of viewers agreed that Vanderpump favors Dorit over Kyle. Dorit justified that by saying, “They have a ten year history. Lisa and I have only known each other a couple of years. So obviously there’s going to be a different standard.” If that’s the case, shouldn’t Lisa favor Kyle?

A caller asked Dorit, “Would you be angry or upset if the roles were reversed and you were in Lisa Vanderpump’s shoes?”She confessed, “Yes, I think so and we talk it out and get past it.”

It’s crazy to see Dorit throwing Lisa Vanderpump under the bus (multiple times) this season. Last year she was a loyal Vanderpump soldier who went after Erika Girardi. Now Dorit, Erika Girardi, and her alter ego Erika Jayne are getting along. A viewer asked Dorit, “How is your friendship with Erika now? How is her friendship with PK [Kemsley] progressing?”

Dorit shared, “I would say great on both fronts. Erika and I have come a long way. She’s been so great. She really lent herself immensely to help me with my performance for my husband’s 50th birthday and it meant so much to me. So we’re in a great place and her and PK, they speak the same language.” What language would that be? I would love to see these two engage in a one-on-one conversation.

Even though Dorit insisted that she and Lisa talked it out and moved on after she offended her, it looks like it’s Lisa’s turn to offend Dorit during next week’s episode. Andy played a clip with Lisa telling Dorit, “I love you mainly on the strength of loving your husband.” Damn. That’s harsh. Even Andy couldn’t help letting out a “Wow.” He turned to PK in the audience and asked, “Surprising, PK?” PK admitted, “Not really,” while he laughed. Andy pointed out, “PK loves it.” Of course.

To round out the episode, Dorit was asked the most pertinent question of the past two seasons: “What does your actual hair look like?” Instead of actually answering, she responded to the question with another question: “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Yes, Dorit. We all want to know what is really going on with that mysterious hair situation. Andy asked, “Do you ever wear your actual hair?” Dorit told him, “This is my hair. With a little extra, but it’s always my hair.” But how much extra? Which strands, Dorit? The people need to know.

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Photo Credit: Bravo