Lisa Vanderpump’s Friendship With Dorit Kemsley “Took A Sharp Turn South” But Is Not “Irreparable”

It felt like Dorit Kemsley came on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a loyal soldier to do Lisa Vanderpump’s bidding, so it was pretty surprising when their friendship hit a bump in the road before Dorit’s second season even ended. Sure this was bound to happen eventually, but it seemed like Dorit had a lot more drama to stir up with the rest of the women before she and Lisa started to have issues on camera.

Ultimately, I feel like these two will stick together since Lisa loves Dorit on the strength of loving her husband they are close friends. I feel like Dorit knows where all the bodies are buried at Villa Rosa and I’m sure that Lisa knows about all the secrets Dorit may be hiding at her rented mansion, so I’m all for the discord, but only if it turns into a full-blown feud. I’m not here for an elongated argument over something inconsequential. I want to see insult hurling and tea spilling.

Lisa discussed the last episode in a Bravo blog post. She wrote, “After New York, when we reconvened at Camille’s [Grammer] house—which was lovely, and I am so happy for her—I definitely felt Dorit’s urgency to rekindle our relationship. Even though it was addressed with her straddling me in playful matter, I knew it was rife with serious undertones.”

Lisa was pretty verbose in her analysis of the tension with Dorit, writing, “But life and relationships of importance aren’t that easily severed—or repaired—for that matter. I definitely will let you know how I feel with a direct and often sarcastic or humorous slant, rather than a barrage of aggression.”

She continued, “We all deal with things differently, and the fact is that on my birthday I was upfront with Dorit that our friendship had taken a sharp turn south but was not so devastating that it was irreparable. I playfully engaged regarding the glass and earrings in an attempt to bring levity and humor and hoped she would reciprocate, especially as she has been one, prior to this, who has initiated such antics.” Dorit can tell all of the “jokes” she wants, but she cannot take a joke in her direction. Ever. Just ask, Camille.

Lisa claimed, “I don’t have a bevy of people kowtowing to me, ingratiating themselves into my favor as was intimated.” Brandi Glanville would beg to differ.

She concluded, “I work hard and live an altruistic, yes sometimes maybe self indulgent, life, but it’s coupled with humor and a love and loyalty to those close to me. I am not jealous of friends cultivating new friendships, and had been eager to introduce Dorit to my group. I don’t have enough hours in the day to be jealous.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]