Cynthia Bailey & Eva Marcille Discuss The Drama Between NeNe Leakes & Sheree Whitfield Over Sheree’s Prison Boo Tyrone Gilliams

Whenever someone is overly defensive, it is automatically suspicious. So when NeNe Leakes had such a strong reaction when Sheree Whitfield‘s prison boo Tyrone Gilliams came up in conversation, it was very suspect.

No one accused NeNe of having any sort of connection with Tyrone, but NeNe’s reaction piqued everyone’s curiosity. It really seems like she has something to hide and I’m sure that Sheree will try her hardest to carry whatever that bone may be to the rest of the cast members.

Before dishing on the Tyrone– related tension between NeNe and Sheree, Cynthia Bailey discussed Sheree’s photo shoot for her man in a Bravo blog post. Cynthia wrote, “I wouldn’t recommend that Shereé quit her job as a bone collector to pursue a career in modeling, LOL! However, it was really fun taking her out of comfort zone. Hopefully we got some sexy shots for Tyrone. Chunky was a good sport!” What is Sheree’s job? I guess she actually is a bone collector for a living.

The newest model on the show Eva Marcille wrote about the photo shoot in her Bravo blog as well: “I think Shereé’s pictures came out beautifully. Shereé is clearly a beautiful woman, and as a model rookie/newbie, I must say she SLAYED! Tyrone should be very happy.”

And then they both addressed the drama. As per usual, Cynthia did not criticize NeNe or question her randomly aggressive reaction when Tyrone was mentioned. Instead, she justified it since Sheree admitted that she knew about the “roach” video before it was sent via group text. Cynthia wrote, “No, I was not surprised. Shereé had already mentioned to me that she knew the video existed at one of our earlier dinners in Barcelona.”

On  the other hand, Eva had more to say. Of course she is also a card carrying member of #TeamNeNe, so she didn’t shed a lot of light on the situation. She wrote, “Let’s be clear: I’ve known NeNe for quite some time, but my relationship with her is exactly that — it’s my relationship with her. With that said, I’m not aware of all of the history between her and the other girls, specifically the Shereé and Tyrone situation. However, I totally and completely respect NeNe’s request to keep Tyrone’s name far away from her. #noted and #done.”

Hopefully there is some elaboration on NeNe’s freak out because freaking out over the mere mention of Tyrone is not a good look for the OG cast member.

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