Jax Taylor Calls Out Scheana Marie For Setting Up Girlfriend Brittany Cartwright With Another SUR Employee; Says Scheana “Can’t Keep A Man”

It is admittedly tough to side with Jax Taylor when it comes to anything involving his relationship with Brittany Cartwright. After Jax cheated on Brittany with one of her friends and lied about it, he has regained his status as enemy number one within the Vanderpump Rules cast and with some of the viewers.

Nevertheless, it was definitely out of line for Scheana Marie to set up Brittany with fellow SUR employee Adam even though she is still in a relationship with Jax and trying her best to make that work. Who sets up someone that has a live-in boyfriend? Oh right, the same person that bragged about her man hanging up a television in seven minutes and admitted that she has named their unborn daughter – even though she was technically still married to someone else.

Jax responded to some fan comments on Twitter and went off against his on-again-off-again friend Scheana. Someone tweeted, “Shady move, but ya gotta love @scheana.” Apparently Jax was not feeling the love that day since he quoted the tweet and wrote, “That’s what she does..makes her feel better I guess who knows.”

A tweet from the Bravo account asked, “What do you think about @scheana inviting another guy out for @BNCartwright?” Jax shared his opinion: “Well Britt I are doing amazing and she can’t keep a man… that is fact so…”

Jax followeded up that tweet with this grammatically-flawed remark: “Why people need to involve themselves in my relationship when they can’t even keep there own going is beyond me. But whatever makes ya happy in life.”

A fan tweeted at Jax, “Jax we can all admit you weren’t great to @BNCartwright in the beginning but I can see you’ve clearly learned how amazing she is and your cherishing that. #stayinthepresent.” Jax responded with, “Oh absolutely… but like anything you have to work at it. That’s what I learning. My relationship that is, But it’s our choice we love each other that’s what’s important and we want to be together. We aren’t perfect but we try as best as we can.” He added, “And at the end of the day… isn’t it our choice.. I mean call me crazy.”

Jax continued, “I don’t care that the twitter world chimes in cause you’re right that’s why I signed up for but the people you surround yourself with”friends” and I use that loosely, who can’t even get there shit straight seems a bit weird.”

Ironically enough, Jax ended his rant with, “For once I am gonna attempt to take high road.. because well it’s just to easy.” It is a little late for that one. Jax did not take the high road, but he definitely took the most entertaining route.

As angry as Jax seems, his girlfriend Brittany doesn’t seem to be at all offended by Scheana’s attempt at a romantic setup. During an episode of the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Scheana said, “Adam has been single. Why not? We all work together. We all shit where we work, so why not add to the bunch?” Because Brittany is NOT single. Scheana insisted, “I wanted Brittany to feel wanted.” Brittany told her, “That’s all I ever got from it. I never got like a coniving thing from you doing that. I just always thought it was trying to make me feel good.” Interesting.

An off-camera producer asked, “Scheana, wasn’t there some part of you that wanted to get back at Jax?” She answered, “Jax and I, that’s another thing. We’re like brother and sister. We’re always trying to get back at each other or one up each other. And that is out of my character, but when it comes to him, I’m like ‘OK. You want to come at me? I can do better.'” How considerate.

Scheana’s intentions appeared to be even more skewed when she added, “Here’s the thing, honey. I got someone younger, hotter, and taller that’s interested in your girl, so you want to go there, we can.” So this was solely about giving Brittany a confidence boost? Sure, Scheana.

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