Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave In Berlin with RHOBH Trip

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave almost skipped Germany over her issues with Erika Girardi, but it turned out to be a good thing she went, because despite some petty differences the trip has turned out to be fun!

Breaking down some of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills German drama, Teddi jokes about their complicated coffee orders, runaway horses, and runaway hypocrisy. 

According to Teddi, when in Germany a Real Housewife should:

  • Spend more time ordering your coffee than you do getting ready for dinner in Erika’s suite. My hair is very special.
  • Remind everybody that you do not enjoy shopping but really love pferde—that’s German for horses.
  • Save Rinna from a runaway porse—that’s not German, just a cute word for a pony/horse hybrid. (I would also like to point out, that despite Kyle’s horrible allergy to horses, we remain friends.)
  • Try to point out blatant hypocrisies at dinner but get shutdown—again.
  • Forget your differences and have a blast with your girls at a biergarten. I even ate a pretzel ‘cause I know how to live.

I might add that when in Germany Housewives should always dress in costumes that border on bad drag tropes, but that’s just me…

Teddi’s blog is short, sweet, and light on drama, because for once (unless thy name is Dorit Kemsley) this episode was light on drama as well. Except if you take into account German history.

Getting serious for a moment Teddi touches on her unforgettable experiences at the Eisenman Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall. “Revisiting such horrible, tragic, and tumultuous times in history really allows you to put things in perspective.” Truly. That is, until you get on a boat in next week’s episode…

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Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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