Kenya Moore Says Sheree Whitfield Lacks A Story Line, Friends, & Loyalty On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15058 -- Pictured: Kenya Moore -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

There are rumors that Sheree Whitfield got fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta– again. No one has officially confirmed those reports, which makes sense since the Season 10 reunion is still airing.

Sheree has a boyfriend in prison, delusions of grandeur, several business aspirations that have not progressed (at all), and animosity with most of the other cast members. To me, that sounds like she has a lot to work with, but Sheree’s frienemy Kenya Moore strongly disagrees.

Kenya opened up in an interview with TheGrio. She explained, “They always have the option of bringing you back every year, nobody’s contract is guaranteed for the following season. I can’t confirm or deny [if Sheree has been fired] but if it is true, I think it comes down to the clues that are there in the reunion.”

Kenya didn’t hold back: “You have no friends. You have no loyalty to anyone. The one person you formed an alliance with is Kim [Zolciak] and clearly, no one wants to shoot with Kim next season. The story line is the same story line she has had for three years. Working on her house and after dealing with Bob [Whitfield] now you’re on to another relationship with someone you found in a jail that we will never see for four more years.”

The mother-to-be continued, “What do you want the producers to do with that? Obviously, that’s very difficult as a business person, I don’t see the value in that. It’s about being able to tell a story. I guess if she was on next season we would watch her working on the upper level of her house or the outside while she’s still on the phone with Tyrone [Gilliams]…and designing joggers that will be out in Spring/Summer/Fall of Spring 2018 or 2022.” I feel her on that. I feel like the story line of construction/remodeling at Chateau Sheree has more than worn out its welcome. And yeah, I’m sure those joggers will be sold in stores soon….

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[Photo Credit:  Charles Sykes/Bravo]