WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15058 -- Pictured: Kenya Moore -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Kenya Moore Says Sheree Whitfield Has No Friends On Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Feuds With Michael Rappaport

Kenya Moore Says Sheree Whitfield Has No Friends On Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Feuds With Michael Rappaport

Whenever Michael Rappaport shows up to the Bravo clubhouse, it’s bound to be an entertaining episode of Watch What Happens Live. On top of that, Kenya Moore was also on hand and she threw a lot of shade in his direction after years of Michael hating on her via Twitter.

Kenya read Michael for most of the night, answered questions about her marriage with Marc Daly, and shaded Sheree Whitfield, yet again.

When the episode first started, I thought Andy Cohen was about to address the Kenya pregnancy rumors, especially since the camera didn’t zoom out to show her whole body for the first few minutes of the episode, but that’s not what happened. When Andy said, “I want to get started with the elephant in the room,” he was actually addressing the beef between Kenya and Michael. Andy claimed, “We didn’t realize this when we booked you both.”

He told Michael, “You’ve been trash talking Kenya for a while on Twitter.” Andy asked Kenya, “Anything you want to get off of your chest to start?” Kenya declared, “Peasants can’t summon queens.”

Michael asked Kenya, “You do know that you are on the show, like a ‘villain,’ right? You have to know this, correct?” Kenya told him, “Michael, you don’t have to tell me what I am or am not. I appreciate you being a fan though. Thank you for watching and keep the cable on. A new job would help with that.” I have to assume that Kenya is referring to Michael’s Barstool Sports firing scandal.

Michael told Kenya, “You wish you were me, Kenya.” Kenya didn’t hesitate at all when she shot back with, “A middle aged, fat, white guy? No, not really. And out of work. No.”

Michael came back at Kenya with “A lot of women on Housewives talk about glam squads, you had like a whole football team back there.” Kenya said, “Michael, you do know the Housewives are women, right? We’re not giving out any peaches.”

And then finally the conversation came back to Real Housewives of Atlanta. Andy asked Kenya, “What was your reaction to their reactions when Marc came to your event?” Surprisingly, Kenya wasn’t really sweating it too much. She answered, “I think it was all just funny shade. The only one that I kind of took offense to was Sheree.”

Andy wondered, “About the nose ring?” Kenya shared, “Well, yeah the nose ring and then what she said on Twitter was out of line. Something about the body language and something about they’re not holding hands. This is the girl who has a fashion show with no fashions and built a man cave with no man.” Kenya and Sheree went back and forth shading each other’s relationships in a Twitter feud last week.

A caller told Kenya, “I noticed that you went to support Porsha [Williams] at her play and then you turn around and feel it was necessary to say she was playing herself with the whore comments. Weren’t you still being shady when you made those comments?”

Kenya admitted, “Of course. I’m shady. Really?” Then she added, “I actually think she did a great job in the play and I told her so. We can’t have this show without a little bit of shade. She shades me. We shade each other.” And I’m all for it. Shade on, girl.

Andy read a question from a viewer: “You’re now married and talking about how hard it is to be a wife, you have to take care of him, and he basically can’t do anything without you? Do you regret how you spoke about Porsha’s relationship with Kordell [Stewart] since she was just trying to be a good wife too?”

Kenya said, “Well, you know it’s two different things. There was a lot said about my relationships on her end as well, and other people on the show, so I’m not just going to single her out, but it goes both ways.”

She also addressed why it took so long for her to bring Marc around the Housewives. She said, “I think it just had to naturally happen. I think he just had to get comfortable. I’m the reality star. He’s not.”

And she got in one last dig at Sheree when a fan asked, “Why is Sheree up Kim’s [Zolciak] butt?” Kenya said, “She doesn’t have any friends on the show. Kim is all she has.”

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