Kelly Dodd Says She & Shannon Beador Are “Really, Really Close” These Days

Kelly Dodd

When Kelly Dodd first joined Real Housewives of Orange County, she and Shannon Beador argued every single time they were at the same event. Kelly accused Shannon of “setting her up” at a seventies themed party. Shannon threw a plate full of food at Kelly mid-argument at a restaurant.

It didn’t seem like these two would ever be friends, but stranger things have happened on this show. Plus, Kelly and Shannon are both newly single ladies, so they have a lot in common these days.

During the Watch What Happens Live After Show, an audience member asked Kelly, “I’ve seen that you and Shannon have been hanging out a lot. I’ve seen it on your Instagram. How did you and Shannon become friends and how has that affected your relationship with Vicki [Gunvalson]?” That was a very interesting question in general, but even more awkward since Vicki was sitting right next Kelly when it was asked.

Kelly explained, “Well, Shannon and I are really, really close. We’ve really bonded. We talk about the same things, we’re having the same experience at the same time, so that’s why we bonded.” I’m looking forward to Kelly and Shannon turning up and having drunk heart to hearts with subtitles during Season 13.

Kelly added, “And we live very close to each other. We’re going out more often, we’re doing more things together, so we’re really close. Yeah, it’s good.”

She also addressed the Vicki aspect of that question: “Vicki’s got a boyfriend, so she’s not living the single life like Shannon and I, so we haven’t been able to whoop it up.” Vicki chimed in, “We’ll whoop it up tonight!” But how does Vicki feel now that Kelly and Shannon are “really, really close”? Does Vicki even care now that she and Tamra Judge are close enough friends to wear matching hats?

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]