Kenya Moore Hopes She & Porsha Williams Can Work On A Real Friendship; Denies Knowing A One-Eyed African

After many attempts to be on good terms throughout the years, it seems like Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams finally came to a genuine truce during the last episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion. Who knows if this will actually last, but they vowed to stop calling each other “whores” and “prostitutes”…. unless it’s actual a true description/occupation.

Before that, Porsha and Kenya discussed the accusation that a one-eyed African  was bankrolling Kenya’s life a couple of reunions ago. Kenya maintained that wasn’t true and that Porsha just made that up to get back at her.

In a Bravo blog post, Kenya declared, “THERE IS NO ONE-EYED AFRICAN! I don’t know of, have never met, or ever dated any man with one damn eye!” She continued, “Porsha admitted she randomly read this online along with other slanderous lies about me. She’s accused me of a lot of horrible things I won’t repeat — the history of our first confrontation started with a lie she told about me trying to pay someone!”

Kenya insisted, “I’m self-made. I’ve never needed a man to pay my bills or buy me things.” And get ready for this one: “With that said, I’m really hoping that Porsha and I can work on a real friendship and move on from the hurtful lies and our contemptuous past.”

Now that would be interesting, but if Sheree Whitfield really did get fired from the show, Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 might be boring if Kenya and Porsha are getting along. I’m all for Porsha and Kenya being on the same side for once, but it would be way more interesting if they were battling against Sheree.

Speaking of Sheree, Kenya joked, “I was wondering why the dark clouds appeared and the negative energy entered the room. Since Sheree wasn’t wearing her Storm wig, I figured it was just Kim [Zolciak] walking in.” I will never get over that wig. I’m also surprised that Kenya didn’t go in on Kim in this blog post, but maybe she’s saving all of those digs for part three of the reunion.

Kenya clarified, “On another note, I joked about asking for a cocktail during the filming. Obviously it was a joke, as there is never any alcohol being served at a reunion show. Very disturbing to see people doubting my pregnancy as a result of a silly comment. People really should examine themselves to determine why they are so hateful, cruel, and ignorant. I’m blessed to be a 47-year-old woman finally having the family I’ve always dreamed of.” Clearly she was joking. People need to chill.

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Tonight is part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. “Emotions reach a boiling point with Kim at the center of it all. Kim reflects on her return to the show which leads to a fiery verbal encounter between she and Kenya. There is no holding back when NeNe and Kim go head-to-head in the ultimate war of words, but with a decade worth of friendship between them, could this be the final breaking point?”

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[Photo Credit: Moses Robinson/Bravo]

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