Carole Radziwill Slams Sonja Morgan For Comparing Divorce To The Death Of Dorinda Medley’s Husband; Says There Were “Infidelities On Both Sides” In Sonja’s Marriage

As a widow herself, it makes perfect sense that Carole Radziwill would side with Dorinda Medley in her feud against Sonja Morgan. Sonja told Dorinda that her divorce was equivalent to Dorinda’s husband dying, so of course Carole would be on Dorinda’s side.

Yes, those are both major losses, but Sonja hating on Dorinda for keeping her late husband’s memory alive is not warranted. Not only that, but Sonja talking about her divorce just happened yesterday when it was actually finalized in 2006 is getting old.

Carole painted a very vivid picture of Sonja’s marriage in a Bravo blog post: “Here’s a story: A 30-year-old restaurant hostess marries a wealthy man 25 years her senior. They love each other. Deeply. They have a kid. They buy a home, they travel the world, and host parties on yachts. Six years go by, then eight, then 10. The older man’s stories start to dull. The young pretty wife gets restless. Their eyes, once gazed longingly at each other, start to wander. Their marriage is marked by infidelities on both sides until one files for divorce. It’s not so shocking, is it? This story is played out countless times a year across the country. To talk about a marriage over a decade later, as though you had no hand in its demise, is frustrating for those who’ve had to listen to the historical re-write.” Damn, Carole is not holding back. At all.

Carole continued, “And it is definitely not the same as burying a husband—not even close. Signing a divorce document, after you’ve racked up lawyers’ bills fighting over who gets the sconces, is not like signing a death certificate. It’s not like having to make life and death decisions when a doctor tells you there is little left to do but hope and pray.”

Carole explained, “So sure, Dorinda, from time to time, talks about her late husband. And in this way she honors his memory.  This is what we all do—we talk about our loved ones who’ve passed on to keep their memory alive. We tell stories to children, grandkids, and friends. Especially young deaths—those who’ve died before the natural life cycle has ended. We even commemorate the day with flowers or a visit to the grave.”

Carole shared, “I hardly hear Dorinda talk about Ralph her ex-husband. When she does, it’s always in context of her daughter, Hannah. Yet trust me—they all talk about their exes all the time. Except for Tom [D’Agostino]—no one now wants to talk about Tom. Poor Tom. It’s not all about Tom now. Good riddance.”

Carole drove her point home when she wrote: “If you think torture is worrying you might run into your ex with his new wife or worry that you will never run into him, in my opinion, you’ve been dealt a pretty good hand. And you should give thanks.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]