Dorinda Medley Doesn’t Regret Causing Drama Between Sonja Morgan & Tinsley Mortimer

We’re only 3 episodes into this season of Real Housewives Of New York and already poor Sonja Morgan has found herself the bullseye in the center of a target. No one seems to be more pissed at the former Lady Morgan than Dorinda Medley though!

Dorinda has been playing executioner from the front and sniper from the side by stirring up drama between Sonja, Carole Radziwill and Tinsely Mortimer!

In her Bravo blog Dorinda defends her outburst at Luann de Lesseps‘ brunch because, “it is absolutely ridiculous that Sonja can’t seem to get the difference between divorce and death, but quite frankly, at this point, I just don’t care.”

“I guess Bethenny doesn’t get the difference either, but be assured I will be speaking about my late husband now and forever, cause thats What YOU DO to honor loved ones,” adds Dorinda. “Let’s make a pact: I won’t speak to you about my late husband and you don’t speak to me about divorce, OK? By the way, not sure you caught it, but even Luann as I was leaving agreed with me.”

Moving on to Ramona Singer‘s marathon – or wasn’t it?! – party for Carole, Dorinda shrugs that a good party is a good party – even if everyone got dressed in the dark while drunk! “Ramona made a tremendous effort,” insists Dorinda, “and so did everyone—with their outfits. I loved the fact that people took a chance. And by the way, who cares! It’s the company and event, not the clothes.”

However according to Dorinda the “best part” of the party wasn’t the offending outfits nor the offending guests, but Luann’s faux pas over Dennis! “Luann, with what I believe was complete sincerity and polite dinner talk, totally put her foot in her mouth. It was so tense, and I watched it unfold like a car wreck! Quite frankly, I just wanted to burst out laughing, especially when Bethenny said, ‘T[h]ats the man, Dennis’ followed by ‘You owe him an apology,’ which Luann did. The palpable awkwardness made it hysterical.” I agree – it was an epic moment delivered in a way only the RHONY ladies can.

Now onto the Sonja portion of events – because aren’t there always Sonja issues lately? Dorinda doesn’t regret encouraging Tinsely to confront her former friend. “It heated up fast, and once again Sonja was in the hot seat, followed by the burning check.” Dorinda also explains why she ultimately decided to hear Sonja out – or at least observe Sonja crying about juicing and Gastaad and smoky eye and divorce and anti-depressants and the great giant gaping hole in the center of her soul called ‘reality.’

“I chose to talk to Sonja cause, quite frankly, I’m over it.” (No you’re not). “I just listened to her reasoning, but at the end of the day I agree to disagree,” maintains Dorinda. Who really actually believes that we believe this is the last we’ll hear of this feud!

Of course despite Sonja’s efforts to make peace, by the following day she had reignited the burning checks and balances by calling Ramona a P.O.S. in a novel-length text about the bounds of friendship! “Say it, forget it; write it, regret it,” Dorinda lectures. “I think it really hurt Ramona’s feelings as they have been friends for years. I was hoping Ramona would bring it up at the brunch, but she chose instead to exhibit how she felt by ignoring Sonja completely and changing seats.”

As for Sonja burning through friendships like an $8,000 rent check, Dorinda warns: “Remember, when you point the finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back. I guess in this case it’s me, Tinsley, and Ramona.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]