Carole Radziwill: “Everything Bethenny Frankel Says About Me Is Not True”

For anyone who can’t stand Bethenny Frankel, Carole Radziwill’s Twitter account is the best one to follow. Carole has been going in on Bethenny since the Season 10 premiere of Real Housewives of New York via Twitter, in her Bravo blog posts, and now on Watch What Happens Live.

At this point in the season, it’s clear that Carole and Bethenny aren’t as close as they used to be, but nothing has really happened yet. There has been some underlying tension in every episode, but it hasn’t truly come to a head. That hasn’t stopped Carole from the spoiling the fact that the former close friends are not on good terms these days. In contrast, Bethenny hasn’t said much about it in public, other than unfollowing Carole on Instagram. Does she not care? Is she just trying to keep the spoilers under wraps? Maybe she’s just too busy saving the world and running her empire. Nevertheless, I’m sure those zingers are coming.

Before discussing Bethenny, Andy Cohen played a clip from the last RHONY episode where Carole declared, “Let’s be clear. Ramona [Singer] threw this dinner party as an excuse to flirt with Kirk.” Andy chimed in with “who is gay.” Carole added, “Well, we think he is.” Did they out this man on live TV? What was up with that?

Then Andy asked Carole, “Do you think Lu [de Lesseps] knew who Dennis [Shields] was?” Carole said, “I think for a minute she did forget. I think she actually didn’t remember. Then, I reminded her and you could see it in her eyes.” Oh, Luann: the gift that keeps on giving.

Carole continued to complain about the lack of support her marathon running. During the episode she was bothered that the party didn’t have a theme carried out and now she feels like the cast members don’t “celebrate” her enough in general. She told Andy, “I think generally there’s not an overall sense of celebrating. Whether it’s making fun of my relationship, accomplishment- including the marathon- I don’t feel like there’s a real celebration. Not all of them though.” There have been four episodes with conversation dedicated to this race. How much more does she want?

Then Andy got to the good stuff. He asked, “When Bethenny said ‘Carole needs to have a best friend close,’ were you surprised? Was that true?” Carole said, “No. It’s not true and everything that Bethenny says about me is not true. Literally I’m watching it at home with everyone else thinking ‘Oh, OK.'” I’m thinking way ahead here, but I can’t help feeling like Bethenny and Carole are going to provide some major fireworks at the Season 10 reunion.

Andy pushed for more information when he asked, “Do you mean that everything she says in interviews is a surprise to you?” Carole shared, “Yeah. Everything she was saying that I wasn’t excited to see her, that I’m thick as thieves with Tinsley [Mortimer]. I wasn’t then and I’m not now. We’re not thick as thieves.” This is so reminiscent of Cynthia telling Kenya Moore (and later Andy Cohen) that she’s still “getting to know” instead of actually claiming them as friends.

Andy asked, “But you’re good buddies?” Carole attempted to clarify clarified, “I’m friends with her, of course. I’m not thick as thieves- although that sounds fun. None of that was true and that wasn’t the friendship I was having with her at the time.” And then she went back to discussing her relationship with Bethenny: “So I was just as surprised as the audience to hear all that. In fact, I was being a really good friend. I was trying to figure out dates we could go to Golden Door together. I sent her flowers when Cookie died. I was being a really good friend. Wrote a lot of checks to her charity.”

As a widow herself, Carole probably related to Dorinda Medley during her fall-out with Sonja Morgan when Sonja compared her divorce to the death of Dorinda’s husband. Andy asked, “Do you think Dorinda was right to snap at Sonja when she compared her divorce to Richard’s death?” Carole answered, “Yes. I think the world would agree with that.”

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