Luann de Lesseps Thinks Ramona Singer Should Have Defended Sonja Morgan During Argument With Dorinda Medley

Just like the last season of Real Housewives of New York, this one started out with a Dorinda Medley vs. Sonja Morgan feud. As per usual, pretty much everyone is taking sides, and doing so has lead to several side feuds. Yes, the main problem is between Sonja and Dorinda, but Sonja also took issue with Ramona Singer for not having her back. As a result, Sonja’s girl Luann de Lesseps is also disappointed in Ramona.

Wow. So much feuding resulted from one brunch- and the whole cast wasn’t even present for that initial confrontation.

After discussing everyone’s outfits in a Bravo blog post, Luann wondered, “On a more serious note, why is everyone ganging up on Sonja?”

Lu continued, “She’s entitled to mourn for her marriage any way she chooses. Is it a buzzkill sometimes? Yes. As her friend, I listen and try to steer the conversation to happier topics. Should Ramona have defended Sonja when Dorinda alleged that Sonja cheated on her ex? Again, yes.” But maybe she didn’t defend Sonja because it’s true? Maybe she’s just trying to rehab her image after a rough Season? Or maybe she and Sonja just aren’t the besties they used to be. There are so many possibilities here.

Even though Luann does think that Ramona should have stood up for Sonja, she’s not blindly agreeing with everything Sonja did during the last episode. Luann admitted, “I think the text Sonja sent to Ramona calling her a POS was not the thing to do, but Ramona has NOT been a very good friend to Sonja lately.”

Luann explained, “The friends who stay with you when you are down are the ones you want around during the good times. None of us are immune to life’s pitfalls (#me) and instead of shaming Sonja, I think the girls should let her work through this so that she can come out on the other side. Sonja’s been stuffing her feelings down for so long that it may take her a while to feel happy again, but I know she will!”

She continued, “The Jean-Georges brunch at the Topping Rose was great, and we were supposed to end our weekend on a high note. Instead, Ramona left Sonja staring at an empty chair, which was awkward for everyone. My heart went out to Sonja, because she’s being rejected at a time when she needs her friends the most.”

And of course Luann concluded by plugging one of her own songs: “I won’t abandon her because I understand the #GirlCode! She’s my friend in the good times and the bad.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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